On Monday February 27th 2017 Bodwell held its first multicultural day celebration. It was organized by the student parliament and our Coordinator for Student Citizenship, Ms. Mercedes Fenyo and Community Service Coordinator, Ms. May Yao. They all did a tremendous job to make the event a great success! Congratulations to the team and well done to all the students who took part.

Highlights included the colorful fashion show, an amazing Indian group dance, a folky Iranian Ney and Daf song, Chinese students singing Mandarin pop songs and Korean students dancing Gangnam-style. You can see these in the videos below.

You will also find all or some of these videos posted at our YouTube | Youku | Facebook pages

Students also prepared information bulletin boards about their own country to help other students learn about global cultures. Some even prepared food to share. You can see this in the photos below.


Find out in your own language what makes Bodwell one of the most multicultural boarding schools in Canada:

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