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5 Reasons for International Students to Study in Canada

Whether you are a student or a parent, you might be wondering which country offers the best options to study abroad. You might have questions about the quality of education and opportunities in different parts of the world. One place you might be considering is Canada. Based on data from Google, FE News identified Canada as the number one location for international students today. As one of the most desired destinations for students around the world, the country has a lot to offer.

To help you learn more, we have outlined our top five reasons to consider studying here:

1. A welcoming culture

“This world is becoming more of a global village, and you’re going to need to learn how to communicate with people of different backgrounds…”
-Kuda Manhahgo, Bodwell Graduate

School life in Canada is highly diverse. With over 400,000 students coming into the country each year (CIC News, 2019), the country has the fourth-largest international student population. As a result, students coming to Canada will find a community of peers, and a well-prepared system ready to help them grow through quality education. In addition, the country is safe. With low crime rates, political stability, and few to no internal conflicts, Canada was ranked sixth in the world by the Global Peace Index in 2020. Canadian culture is also very welcoming, with a high immigrant population and well-defined policies against discrimination.

2. Quality of life in Canada


Canada has highly developed cities with wide access to public libraries, services, and utilities. Meanwhile, schools provide access to athletics, fine arts, languages classes, and other skills development. Students in Canada learn to use technology, with widespread access to the internet and other services. Finally, healthcare and emergency services are well developed, and available at a low cost for international students.

Bodwell High School students alongside the coast in BC

Cultural Exposure

Students will find classmates from around the world and learn the strengths of inclusion and diversity. They connect with both local peers and those studying from abroad by engaging in the classroom, extracurricular activities, and in daily life. Canadian education also encourages a rich volunteer culture, where students learn new skills alongside local community members.

Nature and outdoors 

Life in Canada provides many opportunities to enjoy a safe and healthy outdoors environment. For example, activities ranging from camping and skiing to sports like golf and soccer are widely available across the country. In addition, students can explore nature with school trips to parks, mountains, forests, lakes and the coasts.


3. A versatile Canadian education

Chart of educational areas in BC education

Education in BC focuses on helping students become well-rounded citizens

Canada offers strong high school programs. Graduates are equipped to compete for entrance to top universities worldwide while becoming well-balanced global citizens. The curriculum in British Columbia, for example, offers high standards for English, math, sciences, and the arts (Learn more here).

Students will find career skills built into the curriculum. This prepares students to seek university entrance or early-level professional roles out of high school. Students in Canada can also access additional help to prepare for educational testing across the world.

For example, students can prepare for key examinations like:

• The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL),
• The United States Standard Admissions Test (SAT),
• The International English Language Testing System (IELTS)

A successful education in Canada will equip students with the skills and knowledge they need to excel in these exams.

4. Affordability

Canada has a healthy balance between a strong economy and accessible opportunities for international students. Both public and private education options are within reach for many global citizens. Although housing can be costly in Canadian cities, homestays and boarding schools offer affordable, comfortable options for students. Meanwhile, the cost of goods and living expenses are competitive with other popular international study destinations in the United States and Europe.

Learn about our boarding and homestay programs at Bodwell High School to compare some costs and benefits of both options.

5. Unlocking international opportunities

A Canadian education opens doors.

From learning to work with technology to building leadership skills, Canada offers world-class instructors and support. Students can access the skills needed to become leaders in sectors that are in demand across the globe.

For example, students are exposed to a multicultural experience, and learn about world history. In addition, students can choose to learn different languages, a key skill in the global market. Indeed, students can combine these opportunities with high-quality education in science and mathematics that help them excel in university and the workplace later in life. Graduates might go on to work in the tech industry, or as medical, legal, or accounting professionals. With a well-rounded and high-quality education, students who come to Canada have access to many opportunities.

“We were pleasantly surprised to learn that Leo had not only joined the Student Union to actively serve the community, but also grown from a stubborn youth, interested only in science and technology, to a cheerful, optimistic young man with creativity and imagination. With the immersive English living and learning environment at Bodwell, Leo’s English has improved rapidly…  Bodwell provided well-rounded help, arranged for a counsellor to give one-on-one guidance with full analysis of our son’s academic performance and interests, and helped him earn admission to a famous Canadian university.
– Mr. and Mrs. Li, on their son’s success at Bodwell

Now that you are thinking about Canada, you might be wondering who to talk to next.
At Bodwell High School, we help students from around the world find the best Canadian experience.
Learn more about the school here, and if you have any questions, our recruitment team is always ready to help you.
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