A challenging, comprehensive education

Bodwell has high expectations and standards from which students are reviewed. While the rigorous curriculum will fully challenge students, Bodwell uses a flexible, balanced approach to teaching, allowing students to independently explore a topic of study or be guided through it. Students will be able to find their own unique style and pace for learning, while support is always available in the classroom, in study groups, and individual tutoring.



(September - February)


(February - June)


5 Courses
5 Courses
Optional Term - 1 Course

To provide accelerated learning to students, an optional July term is offered between our spring and fall terms. AEP students that enroll in the July term can take an intensive course to not only strengthen their English skills but to help keep pace with their colleagues enrolled in a regular two term academic program.


2 Semesters w/July Term

An optional July term allows students to strengthen their English skills and keep up with other students in a regular semester year.

Small class size

Bodwell limits each class to 24 students, with the average number being 18. Academic and English Preparation classes are even smaller to promote enhanced focus on English mastery.

Experienced teachers

Our BC certified teachers have the expertise to support a wide range of international students, many having taught and lived overseas. Each of our teachers mentors about 15 students, ensuring individual support and future success.

Active learning

Achieving genuine understanding of a subject must be reached through active participation. Through community work, field trips, and hands-on study, students gain valuable experience and control of their learning.

Saturday Enrichment

Students attend a three hour of enrichment class every Saturday morning in one of the following areas: English Enrichment, Global Citizenship, Career Exposure, Outdoor Education & Sports, New Media and Performing Arts.

Use of technology

Students research and collaborate through school-issued laptops that can access Office365, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Smart Boards in numerous classrooms allow students to model and manipulate curricular concepts.

Clubs / Activities

Bodwell's clubs and activities offer challenge and reward to students physically, mentally, and emotionally.  They are vital in making well-rounded graduates that are prepared for the post-secondary and professional world.

Outdoor inspiration

Students can access numerous national and provincial parks where they can participate in outdoor activities throughout the year. Students take educational trips to these parks to enhance classroom learning in meaningful ways.


Instilling confidence in English and more

All new students are given an English skills test to determine if they require the AEP program or if they are qualified to participate in our regular Academic program. AEP students are reported on monthly to faculty, parents, and themselves so everyone can track their English skills progression.

Dedicated English Learning

AEP is a specialized English as a Second Language (ESL) program for students that want to achieve English fluency. Taught by teachers with expertise in both international education and ESL instruction, high school subject content is interwoven into AEP to ensure a smooth transition into Regular academic classes. AEP courses have a focus on literature, social sciences, and academic writing.  AEP students will also take an elective course that cover subjects such as Art, Drama, Physical Education, Band, Digital Media, Mathematics, French, and many more.

Skills Progression

There are AEP classes for grades 8, 9, 10, and 11. Grade 8 and 9 classes are divided into two language levels and the grade 10 and 11 classes are divided into four language levels. Once a specific level of English proficiency has been met, a student may be promoted to the next level until they reach the Regular Academic Program. In addition to reading, writing, speaking and listening, students learn crucial skills for academic success, such as teamwork, research, and critical thinking.

3 AEP Courses + 1 Elective

















Creating inquiring & industrious minds.

Bodwell’s regular program follows the curriculum set forth by the BC Ministry of Education and is further enhanced with Bodwell's standards and support. Students who succeed in the program will receive a high school diploma (Dogwood Diploma) issued by the BC Ministry of Education.

Junior Years

Grades 8 & 9

These years lay the foundation for higher levels of learning for a full spectrum of courses in the Sciences, Languages, Humanities, Fine Arts and in Physical Education.

Junior Year Courses

• Business Education
• Concert Band
• English
• French
• Health / Career Education

• Mathematics
• Physical Education
• Social Studies
• Science
• Visual Arts

Senior Years

Grades 10, 11, & 12

Our goal for these years is to ensure our graduates are equipped to meet the demands of post-secondary education and the professional world. Through a wide variety of elective courses, students broaden their skills and knowledge about the changing world.

Senior Year Required Courses

• English 10, 11, 12
• Career Life Education 10
• Math 10 or Pre-Calculus 10
• Math 11 or Pre-Calculus 11
• Science 10
• Science 11: (Choose from Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Science & Technology)
• Social Studies 11
• Physical & Health Education 10

• Fine Arts or Applied Skills: (Choose from Applied Digital Communications, Choir, Concert Band, Digital Media, Drama, Food Sciences)
• Minimum of three Grade 12 Courses: (Choose from Biology 12, Calculus 12, Chemistry 12, Economics 12, Physics 12, Geography 12, Mandarin 12, AP Mandarin 12, Law 12, Literature 12, AP Calculus 12, AP Physics 12, AP Art 12 and History 12)


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