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Several factors are considered for admission to Bodwell. We seek cultural diversity and look for students of academic and leadership potential from around the world. Our students succeed in a challenging English-speaking academic environment, demonstrate an interest in a variety of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, and are committed to serving their communities. Our Admissions staff evaluates various aspects including academic records from the previous three years, a personal profile, reference letters, an interview, and other demonstrated achievements.


Discover Bodwell

We encourage you to explore our website to discover what makes Bodwell an exceptional school. We welcome you to ask us questions, come in for a tour or even meet an Admissions staff in your home country.

Bodwell accepts applications for the terms of September, January and April. Applications should be submitted as early as possible and for international students, no later than four months before each term, as space in our boarding facilities is limited. Exceptions are only considered when space is available and students’ present exceptional qualifications.



Submit an Application

Visit Bodwell’s Online Application System ( to start an application and follow step-by-step instructions. Once the application is submitted, you can return to upload required documents. Admissions staff will contact you as soon as your application is submitted.

2018 - 2019 Application Package

PDF - 597kb



Provide Required and Optional Documents

Once your application is submitted you will be able to upload the following required documents:

You may be required to:

  • Submit Teacher Reference Letters (Form 4)

  • Take an Online English and/or Math Entrance Test
  • Attend an in-person or Phone/Skype Interview
  • Submit Award Certificates and/or English Test Results (IELTS/TOEFL)



Notification of Results

Our Admissions staff will inform you regarding the school’s decision within two weeks of completing the admissions process. If you are offered a place at Bodwell, you will need to pay the fees in full to be registered as a new student. If a student meets the admission criteria but there is no immediate space available, a student will be placed on a waiting list. International students need to apply for appropriate visas.


See Bodwell through tours and sponsored events

Bodwell organizes admissions events in Vancouver, overseas, and online. These events are great opportunities for prospective families and alumni to meet with a member of the admissions team to ask questions and get familiar with Bodwell and its community. If prospective students and parents are in the Vancouver area, tours of the school can be arranged by the admissions office by appointment.


Bodwell representatives will be around the world attending educational fairs. The table below details the fairs they will be in attendance at as well as the name of the Bodwell representative that will be attending.  Please e-mail them if you have any specific questions or would like to schedule a meeting, if plan to attend a fair in your area.

August 31st - September 3rd EduCanada Fair Chris Paredes Bogota Colombia
September 4th - 5th EduCanada Fair Chris Paredes Medellin Colombia
September 6th - 7th EduCanada Fair Chris Paredes Cali Colombia
September 8th - 11th EduCanada Fair Chris Paredes Panama City Panama
September 9th LUBY Seminar Josephine Lee Taipei & Hsinchu Taiwan
September 12th - 13th EduCanada Fair Chris Paredes Santiago Chile
September 14th EduCanada Fair Chris Paredes Guayaguil Ecuador
September 15th EduCanada Fair Chris Paredes Quito Ecuador
September 16th - 17th EduCanada Fair Chris Paredes Lima Peru
September 18th - 27th Agency Visits Chris Paredes Various Cities Brazil
September 27th- October 4th Agency Visits Luchy Tejero Queretaro & Celaya Mexico
September 28th - October 1st ST Alphe Chris Paredes Frankfurt Germany
October 1st EduCanada Fair Luchy Tejero Mexico City Mexico
October 2nd - 6th Agency Visits Chris Paredes Various Cities Germany
October 6th - 10th EduCanada Fair Josephine Lee Jakarta Indonesia
October 7th - 8th Study.AU Fair Chris Paredes Kiev Ukraine
October 9th - 13th Agency Visits Chris Paredes Various Cities Ukraine
October 11th - 12th EduCanada Fair Josephine Lee Da Nang Vietnam
October 13th - 14th EduCanada Fair Josephine Lee Hanoi Vietnam
October 14th EIC Fair Joe Fu Beijing China
October 15th New Oriental Fair Joe Fu Chengdu China
October 15th - 16th EduCanada Fair Josephine Lee Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam
October 17th - 20th Agency Visits Josephine Lee Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam
October 19th - 20th J&K Fair Chris Paredes Prague Czech Republic
October 21st JJL Fair Joe Fu Beijing China
October 21st - 22nd IDP Fair Josephine Lee Hanoi Vietnam
October 21st - 23rd J&K Fair Chris Paredes Brastislava Slovakia
October 22nd New Oriental Fair Joe Fu Beijing China
October 23rd - 25th Agency Visits Josephine Lee Hanoi Vietnam
October 24th - 25th J&K Fair Chris Paredes Budapest Hungary
October 26th - 27 th J&K Fair Chris Paredes Warsaw Poland
October 28th New Oriental Fair Joe Fu Shanghai China
October 28th - November 3rd Agency Visits Chris Paredes Warsaw & Krakow Poland
October 29th JJL Fair Joe Fu Shanghai China
November 2nd - 3rd Canadian Embassy Fair Megumi Uehara Tokyo Japan
November 4th - 10th Agency Visits Kaan Turker Various Cities Turkey
November 4th - 11th Agency Visits Chris Paredes Various Cities Kazakhstan
November 5th Canadian Embassy Fair Megumi Uehara Osaka Japan
November 10th IDP Fair Josephine Lee Bangkok Thailand
November 11th - 12th OCSC Fair Josephine Lee Bangkok Thailand
November 11th - 12th StudyExpo Fair Kaan Turker Istanbul Turkey
November 12th - 13th IQ Consultancy Fair Chris Paredes Kiev Ukraine
November 13th - 14th Agency Visits Josephine Lee Bangkok Thailand
November 14th StudyExpo Fair Kaan Turker Izmir Turkey
November 14th - 15th IQ Consultancy Fair Chris Paredes Prague Czech Republic
November 16th StudyExpo Fair Kaan Turker Ankara Turkey
November 16th - 17th IQ Consultancy Fair Chris Paredes Novosibirsk Russia
November 18th IQ Consultancy Fair Chris Paredes Moscow Russia
November 18th - 19th StudyExpo Fair Kaan Turker Istanbul Turkey
November 19th - 21st Agency Visits Chris Paredes Moscow Russia
November 22nd - December 3rd Agency& School Visits Chris Paredes Various Cities Nigeria


Prospective students would be able to meet some of our admissions staff in sponsored events around the world.  Contact us via our contact form to find out all the locations, times, and dates where we'll be.  The map below shows the countries and cities that we usually have sponsored events.

• Germany - Berlin

• Italy - Rome, Milan

• Kazakhstan - Almaty, Astana

• Russia - Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan

• Spain - Various cities

• Turkey - Ankara, Istanbul

• China - Various cities

• Hong Kong

• Japan - Tokyo

• Singapore

• South Korea - Seoul

• Ukraine - Kiev

• Canada

• Mongolia - Ulaanbaatar

• Taiwan - Various cities

• Brazil - Various cities

• ThailandBangkok

• Vietnam - Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City

• Mexico - Various cities

• Kenya

• Nigeria - Lagos, Abuja

• South Africa - Various cities

• Zimbabwe



The admissions office organizes frequent webinars and online Skype sessions in English and other languages with interested families. Please contact us on our contact form for more information.



The admissions staff is available by appointment, Monday through Friday, 9:00 until 16:00 to give school tours and answer questions in person. See the Bodwell community in action and in person. Please note, tour will be updated to reflect new construction changes. Bookmark this page to keep track of updates.

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Details on visas, custodianship, & insurance


• A student visa application is the first step taken for an international student hoping to attend school in Canada. Students are advised to apply as early as possible at the nearest Canadian Embassy or Consulate in their home country. Click here to find a location. Each country has a different process and processing times for student visa application.

• Once the student has been granted a student Study Permit for Canada, the government office will issue an approval letter. This letter must be presented when the student arrives at the Vancouver International Airport or your first port of entry into Canada. Immigration Canada will replace the letter with a “study permit” which will be stapled inside the student’s passport. This is a very important official document.

• At Bodwell High School, the Admissions Staff is prepared to assist and guide with the process to renew the student’s study permit in Canada. If you would like the school to coordinate this process, please notify the Student Services Team three months before the study permit expires. It remains the students' and parents' responsibility to maintain a legal status in Canada and monitor visa and study permit expiration.


• International students whose primary residence is outside of Canada must have a Canadian custodian guardian. The Homestay Coordinator, Ms. Patrice Mitchell, is the custodian for all Bodwell students living in boarding or a homestay arranged by Bodwell.


• Holders of valid Study Permits are entitled to British Columbia Medical Service Plan (BCMSP). There is a three month waiting period for BCMSP from initial entrance into Canada which is covered by a private insurance.


Your first contacts on the journey to Bodwell

Robyn Falls


General Manager, Special Programs

E-mail | Articles by Robyn

Megumi Uehara


Asst. Director of Recruitment


Joe Fu


International Recruitment Manager
- China


Josephine Lee


International Recruitment Manager
- Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam & Indonesia


Chris Parades


International Recruitment Manager
- Russia, Brazil, North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa



International Recruitment Manager
- Latin America & Spain



International Recruiter
- Turkey


Anastasia D'Silva


Registration Officer
- Asia, Mongolia, Middle East, Turkey



Registration Officer
- North & South America, Europe, Africa


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