Q & A on Requirements, Timelines, Terms, & Assistance

What are Bodwell High School’s admissions requirements?

Bodwell seeks cultural diversity and students with academic and leadership potential. A minimum 75% average from the most current three years of schooling is expected. Upon arrival students will write an English placement test to determine their English level, and subsequently, the classes in which they will be placed. Students who have already graduated in their home country are eligible to apply. Bodwell accepts students from Grade 8 to 12 who are at least 13 years old up to a maximum of age 18. *

When should I apply to Bodwell and how long will it take to know if I am accepted?

Bodwell accepts applications for the terms of Fall (September), Winter (January) and Spring (April). Applications should be submitted as early as possible and no later than four months before each term as space in our classes and boarding facilities are limited. Our Admissions Staff will inform applicants regarding the school’s decision within two weeks of completing the admissions process. If they are offered a place at Bodwell, they will need to pay the fees in full to be registered as a new student.

What are Bodwell’s fees and payment terms?

Please visit Bodwell’s Fees page for the full listings of program fees and payment terms. Payment deadlines are provided upon acceptance to Bodwell.

Do you offer scholarships or financial aid?

Current students are eligible for scholarships based on their academic performance at Bodwell. Unfortunately, Bodwell does not offer a financial aid program.


Q & A on Curriculum, University Prep, Term Structure

What type of curriculum does Bodwell High School offer?

Bodwell is accredited and regulated by the British Columbia Ministry of Education and upon graduation, students receive a "Dogwood Diploma", which is recognized for university admissions worldwide. Bodwell offers a wide variety of required and elective courses as well as a few Advance Placement courses. For more information refer to the Academics page.

How is Bodwell’s academic year structured?

Bodwell runs on a 2 semester system: Fall term (September – Early February), Spring term (Mid February – Late June). An optional July session (4weeks) can be taken so that a student has the opportunity to complete one additional 4-credit course in the academic year. Students can apply to commence studies in any term. Each term offers five courses and typically a full academic grade can be completed in two terms. Please refer to the School Calendar for important dates.

Do you offer English as a Second Language (ESL) courses?

Bodwell offers a specially designed program for non-native English speakers called the Academic and English Preparation Program (AEP). Based on student’s English level and placement test results, they would be placed in once of Bodwell’s four AEP levels. AEP students work on improving their English skills necessary to succeed in the Regular academic program. Each AEP level takes one term to complete before progressing onward. For more information refer to the AEP page tab.

How does Bodwell help students prepare for university success?

Preparing Bodwell’s graduated for success in universities and colleges in Canada and overseas is an important objective of school’s curriculum and University & Career Guidance program. Students take a mandatory personal and career-planning course as well as participate in graduation transition activities. Counsellors and university guidance staff support students in exploring available post-secondary options, applying to the desired institutions, and selecting the most suitable destination. For more information please refer to the University Preparation page.


Q & A on Student Body, Clubs, Activities, Health, etc.

Do you have Canadian and international students?

Bodwell student body includes both Canadian and international students coming from over 40 countries.

Find out what students say about life at Bodwell

What is a typical school day like?

Generally, students attend classes from 8:15am until 3:30pm, Monday to Friday, followed by extra-curricular clubs and activities.

What co-curricular clubs and activities do you offer?

Bodwell students enjoy a wide variety of co-curricular clubs and activities in athletics, academics, fine arts and creative arts. There is also a school-wide activity once per term and field trips as part of classroom learning. It is mandatory to join at least one co-curricular club or activity.  Please refer to co-curricular page for more information.

How does Bodwell High School communicate with parents?

Parent involvement is important for student success. Bodwell regularly communicates with parents throughout the year via online report cards, emails, newsletters, webinars, etc. New parents are invited to attend orientation where they meet key staff responsible for their child’s learning.

Is medical coverage provided to students?

All students are required to have medical insurance during their studies in Canada. Bodwell organizes private insurance for the first three months in Canada followed by British Columbia’s public Medical Services Plan. A school nurse is available onsite for immediate medical assistance during school hours.

How much personal spending money do I need?

Generally, Bodwell recommends $300 – $400 CAD per month for personal spending money. Most students use their parents’ credit cards in Canada. Students are eligible to open a free student banking account in Canada and there will be an opportunity to do so during new student orientation.

Does Bodwell provide with a laptop and necessary software for my classes?

Each student at Bodwell is required to pay a termly technology fee which includes a PC laptop rental, Microsoft Office Suite, IT support, training, classroom collaboration tools, cloud storage and backup, anti-virus software, content filter protection and wireless internet capabilities.


Q & A on Boarding & Homestay Life

What is Bodwell’s boarding program like?

Bodwell is proud to be the only co-educational boarding program in Vancouver. Boarding accommodation includes: a complete youth development program based on Bodwell’s Life Skills Development Curriculum, supervision, professional support, study hall (4 evenings/week), leadership & service opportunities, organized activities, events and outings, weekly clubs, shared accommodation (2 to 6 students/room), daily buffet breakfast and dinner, set lunch, evening snack, bedding and linens, and laundry facilities. For more information refer to the Boarding page.

What is Bodwell’s homestay program like?

Homestay accommodation with Bodwell’s Canadian families includes: a private bedroom, 2 meals a day on school days (lunch service is provided by Bodwell), and 3 meals a day on weekends and holidays - provided by the host family, organized activities and celebrations, bedding and linens and laundry facilities. For more information refer to the Homestay Page.

In my free time, can I go out on my own?

Vancouver is a safe city and students are allowed to leave campus at the discretion of the school. Students must return home before set curfew times. For overnight stays, a written consent form from parents is required in advance.

What are the meals like while living at Bodwell?

There is an on-campus cafeteria, which serves a healthy and multicultural menu daily. Boarding students enjoy three meals a day with an evening snack while homestay students eat with their families.

Can I stay at Bodwell during breaks and holidays?

Bodwell encourages students to spend time with their families during breaks and holidays, however, it is not always possible for students to travel back home during every school break. Boarding facilities are open year-round except for the month of August. During Christmas and New Years as well as April break, students can participate in organized activities, which are included in the boarding accommodation costs. Homestay students coordinate their arrival and departure though Bodwell’s Homestay Coordinator. All regular boarding and homestay rules apply for students staying during breaks and holidays.

Where is Bodwell located and how do I get around?

Bodwell is located in North Vancouver, about 20 minutes from Downtown Vancouver and 45 minutes away from Vancouver International Airport (YVR). Vancouver offers an easily accessible and safe public transportation system and students can purchase a monthly concession pass. There is a morning and afternoon school shuttle service to/from a couple key transportation hubs. Bodwell organizes transportation for school-run events and clubs.

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