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Today’s awards assembly started when outstanding students from the previous term received certifications in various areas, such as academics, athletics, arts, boarding, homestay, and citizenship. Then Mr. Hallis acknowledged the honour roll students and students that achieved perfect attendance. The assembly then continued with Officer Macmillan’s presentation about the dangers of trespassing on train tracks. The video that he shared with Bodwell students was an eye opener. After watching the video about Sean Fowler, a teenager who lost an arm and a leg while trying to hop over a train, the risks of walking on the railway tracks became clear to all students.

Later, students were introduced to their house captains. Then student cabinet candidates gave their speeches to be a member of the student cabinet. After the assembly the voting took place and the student cabinet members were chosen.

  • Prime Minister: Aybars O.
  • Deputy Prime Minister: Ihor M.
  • Minister of Academics: Mandy L.
  • Minister of Sports: Ali E.
  • Minister of Arts & Culture: Tokzhan A.
  • Minister of Citizenship: Andree B. R.

The Story of Sean Fowler

The Story of Sean Fowler, presented by Officer Macmillan

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