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Bodwell High School is a Canadian private co-educational boarding school, offering grade 8-12 instruction, and university preparation. Founded in 1991, Bodwell High School is situated in a picturesque corner of Vancouver, British Columbia. The school is certified and inspected by the British Columbia Ministry of Education and is a recognized leader among Canadian boarding schools. Most Bodwell graduates (97%) successfully enter universities, and many of them receive scholarships.

While striving to fulfill the main purpose of education – attainment of academic knowledge, Bodwell also focuses a lot of attention on students’ physical, aesthetic and cultural development so as to mold students into well-rounded, balanced, young adults.

Star Awards Winner
STM High School of 2014 & 2015!

Bodwell was recognized by Study Travel Magazine, a leading industry publication, and was awarded High School of the Year for 2014 and again for 2015.

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East Wing Opening Ceremony - Sept. 7, 2017


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"Thank you for taking care of my daughter, Irina who spent four wonderful terms at the school. Words can’t express my enormous gratitude to you as a parent. My daughter attended classes with pleasure – thanks to the teachers. She had fun and it was interesting for her to spend weekends and vacations at the school. She lived in a clean room, ate delicious breakfasts and dinners – thanks to the cooks and the technical staff. She has made a lot of friends from different countries – thank you to everyone at the school."


Bodwell's university guidance & career team has developed strong relationships with many post-secondary institutions. Through one-on-one counselling, workshops and presentations, they support students in selecting and applying to universities and colleges across Canada, the U.S.A. and around the world.

In 2016, 163 graduates received a total of 337 offers of admission from 92 universities and colleges in 12 countries.


of graduates are accepted to college or university right after graduating

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Bodwell High School’s curriculum is carefully verified, meaningful, diverse, well-balanced and, most importantly, promotes harmonious personal, intellectual, and physical development. Bodwell constantly ensures improvement and adherence of its curriculum to the standards of the British Columbia Ministry of Education.

Committed to innovative education, Bodwell provides all students with laptops optimized for academic research, which includes essential software like Microsoft Office 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud. Our dedicated IT team provides comprehensive support, as well as scheduling and monitoring high-speed Internet for appropriate content.

Bodwell teachers encourage their students to take initiative, and help them to develop leadership skills and innovative approaches to problem solving. The school also has experienced counselors, who are ready to listen and help.

Experienced teachers
Music Students

Trimester Schedule – The school year is divided into three terms: fall (September-December), winter (January-April) and summer (April-July). New students can start school at the beginning of any term. The trimester system allows students to finish the school program faster and thus complete 3 grades in 2 years, if desired.

All students are required to participate in extracurricular sports and other activities. The school organizes a large number of cultural and recreational events which include outings to theatres, sports competitions, excursions to different cities in Canada, etc.

All students attend three hours of enrichment classes every Saturday morning, on top of 30 hours of academic classes Monday to Friday. Students enrol in a Saturday course each term in one of the following areas: -English Enrichment -Global Citizenship -Career Exposure -Outdoor Education & Sports -New Media and Performing Arts. Students are guided to select and register for Saturday courses each term, which are included in the report card.

extracurricular activities
boarding school program

Students live in onsite dormitories. (designed for more than 500 people). The rooms (2-4 person capacity) have spectacular views of the mountains and the bay. Girls and boys live in separate sections of the dormitory under constant supervision of youth advisors.

Our boarders gain skills for life in four areas: self-care, interpersonal skills, personal planning and leadership.

All new students start in boarding. Upon completion of the Boarding Program, students may apply to move to a Bodwell homestay.

Homestay program – Another accommodation option following time in boarding is staying in a homestay with carefully selected Canadian families, where the student is given a full room and board in a private room.

homestay program


Our 6 L’s Becoming well-rounded | The essence of a successful life | At Bodwell, we strongly believe that there are several powerful aims of education all working together to guide the development of young people towards a balanced character. This concept shapes everything that we do at Bodwell, represented by “6 L’s.” Each L is an essential part of the Bodwell experience in both the academic and boarding programs.

The "House System" – On arrival students will be placed in one of the six "houses" where these future world citizens learn about the values needed to live together, values common to many societies around the globe. They learn about fairness and social justice, non-violence and peaceful resolution to conflict, intercultural understanding and acceptance, compassion and service to others, and respect for the dignity of the individual.


Courage House

Learn to Excel through English

It takes COURAGE to come to another country & learn a new language.  It is essential to push past fears of failure and to demonstrate resilience and persistence. “Courage” is a positive, active concept necessary to succeed.


Discovery House

Liberate the Academic Mind

The process of DISCOVERY is at the heart of the exciting adventure of learning. One discovers new ideas, new passions, and new “lands” and pursuits. “Discovery” is a bold, active term signifying exploration and liberation.


Spirit House

Live an Active and Healthy Lifestyle

SPIRIT is considered to be that which breathes power and life into us. School spirit, team spirit and teen spirit are all ways to describe a passion for being alive. “Spirit” is lively, energetic concept encouraging an active way of being and thriving.


Unity House

Lead for Positive Change

UNITY signifies oneness and wholeness. Leaders need to bring people together as a single connected group in order to bring about advancement and progress. “Unity” is a powerful concept challenging us to look past divisions and boundaries between people.


Legacy House

Look Inward and Forward

LEGACY describes what we decide to accomplish in life, our core goals, to leave something positive for the benefit of others. We wish students to reflect on who they are and who they wish to become. “Legacy” is a mature concept and a call to thought, action and meaning.


Harmony House

Love the Earth and One Another

HARMONY is not just a state of peace or balance – it is the active interaction between different groups to continually work together and manage these differences. Harmony is hard, an ongoing balancing act of compromise and care. “Harmony” is what makes diversity work, with time and effort.


Boarding Program Benefits

What are real benefits of Bodwell's boarding program?

7:00 ... Wake up
7:30 - 8:10 ... Breakfast
8:15 - 11:30 ... Classes
11:30 - 12:10 ... Lunch
12:15 - 15:30 ... Classes
15:30 - 16:50 ... Extracurricular Clubs & Teams
17:00 - 18:00 ... Free Time
18:00 - 19:00 ... Dinner
19:00 - 21:15 ... Study & Life Skills
21:15 - 22:15 ... Free Time
22:30 ... Curfew
Boarding Life - Student Perspective

What do students say about the boarding program?


The City of North Vancouver is a safe and friendly community with a rich cultural heritage and numerous places of natural beauty. It is surrounded by spectacular mountains in the north and picturesque beaches in the south. The campus area of 70000 square meters overlooks the sea and is close to city parks.

Modern facilities with an indoor swimming pool, 2 gymnasiums, 2 lecture theatres, 2 cafeterias, science labs, a library, and a music room, Bodwell also features the latest technology with all classrooms equipped with either SMARTBoards or high definition TV screens.


• Type of school: Private co-educational boarding school for students grades 8-12
• Founded: 1991
• Age of students: 13-18
• Number of students: Around 600 from more than 40 countries
• Average class size: 18 (max. 24)
• Number of boarding spaces: 500
• 24-hour student support led by a team of over 100 professionals

• Effective and accelerated trimester system allows the completion of a three-year program in two. Students have the opportunity to start school in September, January or April
• Programs offered: Certificate of Secondary Education (Dogwood Diploma) issued by the Ministry of Education of British Columbia, academic preparation, secondary school curriculum, and university preparation.
• The majority of graduates enrol in prestigious universities in Canada, USA and other countries.

• Individual approach to each student, friendly atmosphere, and spacious classrooms.
• Accommodation in onsite dormitory or full room and board with a Canadian family.
• Enhanced sports and cultural activities program with an indoor swimming pool, 2 gyms, 2 lecture theatres, science labs, a library and a music room.
• Tuition (all-inclusive) for 2 terms are $38,600 CAD in boarding.


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