Mr. Nissen, Ms Ferrajohn and Mr. Wang have just come back from a once in a lifetime trip to Walt Disney World Florida for our student members of the Bodwell Band. They competed in a school band contest against a number of American schools with Bodwell being the only Canadian school represented.

Ms. Ferrajohn sent these daily updates during their week away.

Day 1

Band rehearsal on Saturday just before heading on the plane to Walt Disney World Florida for Disney Festival. Watch out Mickey Mouse here we come!

Day 3

We spent our second day at Walt Disney World in the Animal Kingdom. Good times were not dampened by the torrential downpours throughout the day. Expedition Everest was one of the group’s favourite rides and the musicals were fantastic! ‪#‎BodwellBand‬ ‪#‎Disney‬

Day 6

We spent day 6 of our trip at Hollywood Studios. Some of the group’s favourite attractions were the Rock n’ Roll Coaster, the Tower of Terror and the Indiana Jones show. Some of us were even able to overcome our fears of heights and dark places. Way to go!

Day 8

The last update from ‪#‎Disney‬ ‪#‎BodwellBand‬ This was our 8th and final day in Disney World today. We were all very well rested, got to practice in our instrument groups, and mentally prepared for our big performance. This was the first time in Bodwell’s history that the band participated in a large music festival such as this one. The students played their best and were amazing. Thank you Mr. Nissen for giving us this FANTASMIC opportunity, you rock!

Day 2

First day at our resort and we are already having fun! We even took a ferry to downtown ‪#‎Disney‬ to do some shopping and see some musc.
Here are a few pictures of us still looking fresh before the sun and the dust and the ache of muscles wore us down before dusk.

Day 4

This was our 4th day of our trip and there were many adventures to be had at Epcot – Walt Disney World. The music clinic was amazing and we learned a lot thanks to Mr. Nissen! The fireworks were a great way to end a fun-filled day.

Day 7

Well, we made it to day 7 of our trip! After rehearsing in the morning we then cooled off in the pool and went to the theme park of choice. Good luck with your performance today, you’ll be FANTASMIC!!!

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