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On June 30th, the Bodwell community celebrated Canada’s 148th birthday at the annual Canada Day Assembly. Teachers and students were encouraged to wear red tops, decorations were put up around the school, and tasty maple leaf shaped treats were made by students to share.

The assembly began with a rousing rendition of Canada’s national anthem by Mr. Nissen and the student band. Mr. Smith then gave a passionate speech about Canada’s achievements and place in the wider world and what we have to be proud about as Canadians (adopted or otherwise).

Mr. Smith then introduced Bodwell’s special guest of the day, RCMP Constable Rockhill who took time out of his busy schedule to share some of his experiences of coming to Canada and working as a police officer since he left his home country of Mexico.

Mr Nissen’s band then performed a trio of Quebecois influenced songs including the Drummer Boy. There was also a special t-shirt contest where the winners were modeled on stage by Ms. Sidhu, Ms. Boros and student, Polly. Check out the wonderful designs shown in the photos below.

There was also a performance by teachers of Bryan Adams’ Canadian anthem ‘Summer of 69’ (scroll down to view) as well as a Canadian quiz with prizes, not forgetting Mr. Griffin and his students’ video on Canadian national symbols.

Finally, there was a cake cutting ceremony where students from all four houses were able to enjoy some special Canada birthday cake.

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