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I’ve changed a couple of names and other identifying information to protect confidentiality.

Hello! My name is Arthur Vartanyan. Today I want to tell you about my decision to come to Canada, and why I chose Bodwell High School.

Firstly, let’s talk about my decision to come to Canada. 

I am from Kiev in Ukraine. I have such a great family: father, mother, sister, and a cat. During the last seven years, my father used to tell me that I would go abroad to continue my studies. The first time I heard that, I was going to study abroad, or even that I might join the army, was approximately seven years ago when I was 9-10 years old. After this fateful day, I had been afraid to leave my family and be alone in a different place without anyone whom I know. Every day I was imagining how terrible this was going to be.

After a couple of years, when my sister entered a university in Kiev, I calmed down about my father’s words. I thought that if she did not have to go abroad, I also could stay in Ukraine. For some reason, this thought used to make me happy. I used to imagine it was possible to stay with my family, friends, and my usual environment. I could just apply to a university in the Ukraine and get a job here. This was my goal. I was ready to finish my school and choose a university, but suddenly things changed.

One year ago, my father met a close friend who invited our family to visit an exhibition of schools. My father was very excited, and it brought back my father’s words about studying abroad and I became worried. We went to the school fair, and began looking and asking different schools about some aspects of studying abroad.

Arthur at a School Exhibtion in the Ukraine thinking about where to study abroad.

Arthur at a School Exhibtion in the Ukraine thinking about where to study abroad. Hint: I didn’t end up here!

After we spent a several hours there, we came back home and my father said, that he had found a great school in Canada, and I had to decide whether stay in the Ukraine or move to Canada. “Oh my God, it has happened,” my mind was panicked, “Hopefully he is kidding me… but probably not.” That night was hard; I had to decide in less than two days, because we were late in applying. I remembered all the amazing moments from whole my life; it was very difficult to not think about my friends, family, girlfriend and school. After two days of soul searching, I made a decision. I approached my father and said, “I am ready to go to Canada. I am strong enough to try and cope in a brand new environment with a different language and customs.” My father smiled, and the most interesting part happened next.

Secondly, I want to tell how did we choose Bodwell.

After I have made the decision, my life changed completely. I started to go to English courses to improve my language every week. Every day I was focusing on my English. I stopped spending time with my friends because I really wanted to improve my English skills. At first, we decided I would go to a school in Toronto called ‘The House of Peace,’ but after a couple of days, due to some financial details concerning penalties we decided to change our school. The next school that we chose was near Toronto called ‘The Heaven’s Door’. Then we found out that during the term we have to pay different payments, so we decided to change our mind and then we came to the last and best school in Canada.

In one week, we were looking for a new school and found out about a cool school in Vancouver. It was called ‘Bodwell High School’. We were very interested in learning about it. For example, the location was awesome: it was near the sea in a quiet place near a shopping mall and you can see mountains from all around. From my childhood, I really enjoyed mountains so I was pretty happy.

Bodwell High School's natural environment.

Bodwell High School’s natural environment.

After a couple of days, I found a couple of people online from the school and asked them about it. The information was very useful and important in determining our application. They said that the school is amazing and that there are a lot of great teachers that could help me with any of my problems. They also said that school has different English levels. I had to pass my exam to go to regular class as most people began in AEP – Academic English Preparation. Anyway, we chose this school and decided I would go there. Here’s a big tip for anyone wondering whether to apply to a school abroad: make sure you find out about the school online: go to the website, check out their social media profiles on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. Then, here’s the best idea: go and find some current students (perhaps from your nationality) and ask them about their recommendations and what they like or dislike about the school. I am sure you will get some honest answers and be able to form a good impression of what the school is like.

This is how my first serious experience happened. If you have any suggestions or recommendations, leave your comment below. Thank you. See you next time!

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