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Arthur’s Articles

Hello! My name is Arthur Vartanyan.

Today I want to talk about my first steps to the “unknown land”.

My flight from Kiev to Vancouver took approximately 16-18 hours, I do not actually remember. During the flight, I met a couple from Ukraine and we talked with great pleasure and shared some experiences with each other. For me it was a great start to a new life. Guys, if you read it – hello! The flight for me was a bit long. I hate planes because I am a tall guy and I do not have enough space for my legs between the seats.

Finally, when I arrived in Vancouver the security did not allow me to leave. I started to get nervous. They told me to go somewhere while my friends that I met went out. I came to the room where many people lined up. I absolutely had no idea what was happening. I was tired, stressed and nervous. Not a funny mix of emotions. I tried to speak with people around me but I did not succeed. I had some problems with my English level, because of it, I could not formulate my thoughts correctly, and I could not understand other people because it was not usual for me to hear so many accents. As I understood, I stayed for some papers that I needed to be able to leave the airport. After, I realized that it was for a study permit, but nobody told me that I would have to stay somewhere and get it. I had absolutely no idea what was happening.


After one hour, I realized that everybody has a strange paper that I do not have. I opened my case for papers and started to search there. I started to panic and write to my dad that I do not have any papers, but he wrote something like, “Hey, do not worry about it, everything is okay :)” but I could not stop panicking, everybody around me, every person that I could see obviously had this paper. I asked an Indian what is this paper and why do I need it, he said that it came from the email that I got from my school and I started to look at my email. I could not find it. My panic evolved to a stress-panic-why-where-how-help-me-I-wanna-die. It was terrible. More than two hours passed. The line was still long. I thought that it was never going to end. I was still asking people around what is happening and asked them to say how they found this paper. The world around me started to spin like helicopter blades. I began to sweat and my throat was dry. My heart almost stopped. Where. Is. This. Paper.. Nobody could tell me. I found a man or a girl, I cannot remember, he or she said the name of this paper. Finally. I found it. I found it in my notes at my phone. The world stopped. Nobody moves. Inhale. Exhale. Relax.

Four hours later. The line almost ended. When the line ended and I came to the officer, he just took my passport and that was it. He put study permit in my passport and said that I could go. He did not ask me to show him that paper that I tried to find all this time.

Absolutely “killed” I went out to the wooden statues where the limousine chauffeur had to wait for me. You know, I really expected a limousine. Huh, good luck. It was not. Something like this was waiting for me.

In short, they picked me up; I tried to speak with someone, but no way Jose! I was totally exhausted. I can remember only some parts of the drive, because I probably fell asleep.

Finally, they brought me to my point of destination – Bodwell High School. The driver gave me a map of whatever and brought me inside. I met Mr. Nathan and he showed me my room. I introduced myself to my roommate, but he did not react, he continued what he does. After I put all my stuff in my room, I decided to go out of the dorm and look around. I was very hungry and tired. I went downstairs and met a couple more people. After a while I met a girl who I talked to before I came to Bodwell. She recognized me and called my name, after we met each other in real life she asked if I am hungry, of course I said yes and she showed me a great place where I can order a pizza. She helped me a lot and told me about her life in Bodwell School. After a good pizza and a great useful conversation with Yana and Diana we went back to the dorm, I met Waleed and about an hour later, I went upstairs to take a nap. The first step to my life into the “new world” was very exhausting; however, when everything ended, I was somewhat happy!

Thank you for your time! I really appreciate that you read my blog.
If you have any suggestions or recommendations, leave your comments below. See you next time!

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  • “a stress-panic-why-where-how-help-me-I-wanna-die” :))))))))))))))))))))))

  • You do right – noting your steps for your life history – the most important history in your life. 🙂
    Ты делаешь правильно, пересматривая и сохраняя историю своей жизни. Это самая важная история в твоей жизни.
    Ты ее пишешь для себя. Не ожидай искреннего интереса к ней от других людей.
    Ты пишешь ее для себя и тех, кто действительно любит тебя. 🙂

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