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On December 2nd 2015, Bodwell’s science department exhibited student projects from the fall term in the 5th annual science fair. Over 80 student projects were on display. Each group of students chose unique experimental projects that showcased their understanding of the scientific method. The judges were very impressed with the quality of the students’ presentations. See pictures below to see some of the projects displayed. Titles included:

-How do Batteries Work and How Long do they Last?

-Research on Acid Rain with a Violet Cabbage Indicator

-Cool Blue Light Experience

-Which Fruit Produces More Electricity?

-Will More Air Inside a Basketball Make it Bounce Higher?

-Which Materials Can Make Water Clean?

-How to Prove the Presence of Carbon Dioxide?

-What Temperature Makes the Best Crystals?

-Do Hand Soaps & Sanitizers Prevent the Growth of Mold?

-How to Store Bread Safely?

-How to Keep Fruit Fresh?

-Separation Using Solubility

-How Temperature Affects Water’s Density

-Which Paper Rocket Can Fly the Farthest?

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