The Bodwell’s Got Talent Show took place on March 31st 2015 in the school gym with performances from brave students and teachers alike. Mr. Nissen, Mr. Chung, Mr Ng, Mr. Wang & Mr. Woo all either helped students prepare for the show or took part. We made 4 videos to showcase what happened on the day. Thanks to all the students who took part.

The winners selected by the judges were singers Rolayo Abatan, Giada Bagnati, and guitarist Tomasso Saccucci. The winners chosen by the audience, however, were the VanCity Korean Girls dance group.

The videos & pictures below feature:

1. Angelina Ten as Singer & Arthur Vartanyan on Guitar

2. VanCity Korean Girls Dance Routine

3. Forget You (Cee Lo Green Cover) by Rolayo Abatan, Giada Bagnati, and Tomasso Saccucci

4. Bodwell Teachers Perform Uptown Funk (Mark Ronson Cover)

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