Fall 2016 Highlights

Fall 2016 Winning House

Fall 2016 Terms’ last assembly started with Principal Ms. Lee’s opening remarks, where she talked about the changes to the curriculum in British Columbia, and the university applications. Then, Student Life Principal Mr. Goobie presented the achievements of Saturday Enrichment learning and explained how the variety of classes help students to become well-rounded and how the E-Block will be taught during Winter 2017 term.

Later came Asst. Principal Ms. Ferrajohn and shared the achievements of the students in the new house system and the new student leadership at Bodwell and gave the top house members their colours. She also revealed the new house logos for the first time!

The assembly then continued with students receiving their colours. Mr. Burnett, Director of Athletics presented the overachieving students in volleyball, soccer, cross-country and swim teams and gave their awards.  Later, Ms. Canderan gave colours to students who achieved great results in arts, music & drama. Ms. White handed out the colours to the top 3 students in “Poetry in Voice” and the winner will be representing Bodwell in the nationals. Finally, Ms. Sidhu and Mr. Kokhar awarded the student who achieved national distinction in various math contests.

Main event of the assembly began with the graduation ceremony where 22 students graduated and received their diplomas. Our concert band and senior band shared their songs in between the presentations and during the ceremony. Lin Hwan, who is a Bodwell alumnus from Class of 2008 and the winner of Bodwell Talent Show 2008, sang a rap song to our graduates titled “Becoming a Grownup!”

Assembly then continued by Mr. Hallis’ speech which included various reminders to students and safety during the holidays. After Mr. Hallis, the student cabinet came to the stage to give couple final words about their achievements during this term. Assembly concluded with a video crafted by Mr. Griffin and students showing the highlights of Fall 2016 Term.

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