Guiding the whole student.

Counsellors are the crucial link between students, teachers, dormitory staff, homestay families, and parents. Counsellors advise students on academics, post-secondary planning, health, and personal well-being, as well as work on emotional / relational problem solving skills. The counselling staff provides timely emotional support to young minds finding their way to adulthood.

Bodwell's counsellors are multilingual.  Whether it be Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, students and parents can comfortably talk with the counsellors in their preferred languages. From the first day to the final departure, Bodwell students find the support they need from our counsellors. Click here for a listing of our counsellors


Counsellors are the bridge between teachers, dorm staff, homestay families, parents and students.  They make sure everyone sees the same picture of the student so there is no miscommunication.


Counsellors offer timely support to students going through the rigors of academic and adolescent life.  Counsellors can identify and rectify problems early to ensure students have the best chance in succeeding at Bodwell and beyond.


It goes a long way when you can share your thoughts and feelings in a common language.  Students can feel comfortable knowing that their counsellor understands them exactly without misinterpretation or different cultural contexts.


Looking out for student health & well-being.

The school nursing office is open 6 days per week on regular school days to attend to minor illnesses and injuries and organize care in the community as needed. Our full-time nurse provides medical assessment, treatment, and recommendations as well as accompanies students on medical visits. There are also several walk-in medical clinics located near Bodwell that provide the highest standard of care.  We have established strong partnerships with various community health providers, such as a medical clinic, a dentist office, a local pharmacy and a physiotherapy clinic nearby. For emergency and acute care services, the Lions Gate Hospital is less than 15 minutes away.  Lion's Gate's doctors are world class and it is one of five neurosurgery centres in B.C. We are also paired with a Public Health Nurse, who provides immunizations to Grade 9 students every year and supports our nursing staff in a continuous manner.

When international students arrive, they are provided with private medical insurance. The plan covers services such as hospital accommodation, ambulance transport, prescription medicine, emergency medical treatment and some dental procedures (within various prescribed amounts). After 3 months, students are enrolled in the BC Medical Services Plan, which for a small monthly fee, provides coverage for medical visits and hospital expenses with the exception of prescription drugs and medical aids.


Full time nurse

Bodwell's full time nurse is available during school hours and looks after students general health, provides treatment, and suggest recommendations for students.

Walk In Clinics

Nearby walk-in medical clinics provide further treatment and diagnosis options for students.  The clinics are staffed with excellent doctors and staff.

Lion's Gate Hospital

The world class Lion's Gate hospital provides emergency and acute care services.  It is a recognized trauma and neurosurgery centre and a partner in community health.

Medical Insurance

Medical insurance covers a student for their entire stay at Bodwell, from 3 months of initial private insurance to the BC medical services plan that covers a student the rest of the way.


Call the Nurse at 604-998-5139 if you are sick!

You must call the school nurse (604-998-5139) if you are sick on a school day before 8:30am.  By notifying the nurse, you will be:
1) Excused for the day, 2) Sent to a medical clinic for treatment, or 3) Sent to class.