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COVID-19 Precautionary Plan:

Next Steps – 4/15/20

Many measures on the campus have already been put into place and are working as intended to prevent transmission onto and among the boarding population:

• No visitors to campus

• Staff health checks

• Boarding students restricted to campus (except for small-group chaperoned walks/runs/bike rides)

• Boarding student health checks

• Creation of boarding quarantine spaces – used for any students moving into boarding or showing symptoms

• Physical distancing reminders and measures: cafeteria, boarding activities, boarding rooms, etc.

• Field use: Activities which allow 2-m spacing directly supervised by staff for equipment use (e.g. soccer shoot-out)

• Reduction of student population onsite

• Formation of special live-in staff team and live-in staff areas (now past the 2-week mark)

• Separation of live-in staff/student areas from non-live-in staff areas

• Additional cleaning & sanitization

• Hygiene reminders

Looking at outbreaks in prisons, long-term care homes and migrant worker dormitories, which pose similar challenges to a boarding environment, it seems that the above measures have been successful so far in preventing the emergence of COVID-19 on campus. Seeing from these examples across Canada, the reality of an outbreak on campus would be very serious given the population and conditions.

There is still a small possibility of transmission from:

• Live-in staff who still infrequently need to go into community for necessities (groceries, etc.)

• Non-live-in staff incidental contact with students and live-in staff

• Student contact with community members on chaperoned outings (or in proximity through fence)

• Surface contamination from deliveries (supplies, food, letters, etc.)

• Existing undetected/asymptomatic transmission on campus.

Additional precautionary measures to put in place:

• Physical distancing reinforcement
– Regular monitoring of students by staff
– Staff role modelling of 2-metre rule, avoiding large visible gatherings
– Students assigned washrooms in boarding halls

• Food deliveries
– Cart to transfer food deliveries inside.
– Portable sink to front to be used after unpacking food, food transferred to cafeteria tray

• Mail deliveries
– Vice Principal Hallis working with office team to further streamline safe handling of mail by clustering times of intake and handling, using carts, etc.

• Cleaning
– Additional cleaning of common areas (East Gym, other high-touch area) – Asst. Principal Nissen to coordinate with Katherine Fung – Manager of Food and custodial services.
– Office staff – wipe-down of surfaces routine on office shift schedule
– Hall SOJI every night à in place

• Live-in staff meetings:  April 16 & 17 @ 4 pm (to review additional measures).

Boarding Student Assembly: April 21st @ 10:30 am

• Thank you to students for Hall SOJI and other efforts

• Outside of school reality (video/photos)

• Communal living environments

• Real experience (Mr. Nissen’s cousin)

• What has been done, what do we need to improve, why, consequences if we don’t

• Our plan (in case of a case on campus) *Practice Room Isolation DRILL.

• Preparing room survival kit (charges, important numbers, etc.)

• Physical distancing reminders

• Hand & Toilet hygiene

• Mask usage

• Travel plans

• Other expectations for boarding

• Food deliveries


Contingency planning

If a suspected case emerges…

• Masks immediately on student & nurse

• Call Medlife

• Bring student for testing, if available, or to quarantine – via outside route

• Info collection begins to target contacts & targeted cleaning

• Isolate all students to boarding rooms & use of cameras/zoned announcements to direct students

• Janitorial & housekeeping review with Katherine/Penny

• Live-in staff – Working “remote” on campus – avoiding direct student contact, using offices.

• Live-in staff – If a staff case is confirmed, lockdown of staff of that gender.

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