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As a general celebration of the multiple talents and diversity of the Bodwell dormitory, every term there is at least one family dinner. A family dinner might seem like a strange name when the students may be far away from their parents and siblings, however, the name signifies the type of atmosphere the dorm brings to these occasions. We want all students to attend and eat together so that they can build stronger connections to the Bodwell community.

At this particular dorm family dinner hosted on Tuesday March 10th 2015, the theme was space (as you can see from the pictures below). There were all kinds of wacky zany costumes as well as great performances by singers and bands alike. The dorm student body is very talented. In addition, the kitchen staff put on an excellent meal of cheese fondue and other tasty titbits. Thanks to all the prefects and wonderful staff who worked so hard to make this event a great success. It was nice to see staff stay behind to attend after a busy day’s work!

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