All new students to Bodwell in the Summer Term were given a special workshop to help them understand the expectations of studying at Bodwell High School. This workshop is one in a series of six English workshops that focus on learning English, study skills and new culture.

In this workshop presented by Ms. Canderan, students listened to important information and shared their ideas using English.  Topics covered in this workshop included behaviour in the classroom, school rules, doing homework, using English, and how to improve the skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening.

The schedule of workshops is as follows:

Wednesdays (3:40 to 4:50pm) Topic Presenter Fridays (2:20 to 3:30pm) Topic Presenter
Apr. 29th ESL and Academic Expectations Ms. Canderan May 1st Communication & Cultural Understanding Mr. Goobie
May 6th Study Skills & Time Management Ms. Ferrajohn May 8th Homestay Ms. Mitchell
May 13th Global and Environmental Awareness Ms. Ball    

Check out the slides from the presentation and picture gallery below.

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