At yesterday’s first welcome assembly of the new school year and fall term 2016, there were some landmark announcements concerning Bodwell’s model of academic learning and student life. These included Mr. Stephen Goobie, Principal-Student Life, explaining the new house system and introducing the 6 houses to students and staff (watch his speech in the 4 minute video below) as well as Ms. Bianca Ferrajohn, Assistant Principal-Guidance & Citizenship, announcing about new leadership opportunities for students (more on this in the next blog article).

The full agenda was:

1. Introduction of Staff (by Ms. Cathy Lee, Principal-Academics & PLC Team leaders)
2. Welcome and Construction Brief – challenge and opportunity (by Ms. Cathy Lee, Principal-Academics)
3. Official Launch of the Renewed House System (by Mr. Stephen Goobie, Principal-Student Life)
4. Transfer of Houses Ceremony (by Mr. Stephen Goobie, Principal-Student Life)
5. New House & Hall System including House Points (by Mr. Stephen Goobie, Principal-Student Life)
6. New Student Leadership Model (by Ms. Bianca Ferrajohn, Assistant Principal, Guidance & Citizenship)
7. Saturday Enrichment (by Mr. Stephen Goobie, Principal-Student Life)
8. Athletics Team and Extracurricular Club Announcements (by Mr. Jim Burnett, Director of Athletics and Mr. Greg Griffin, Extracurricular Club Coordinator)
9. Other School Routines including Attendance & Uniform (by Mr. Housam Hallis, Vice Principal)

See videos and photos below from this important occasion that marked the beginning of Bodwell 3.0 and the fall 2016 term.

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