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On Friday 22nd January 2016 Bodwell signed a friendship school agreement with Guangzhou Huamei International School. Bodwell is proud to partner with the school from China’s fourth largest urban metropolis, Guangzhou, that has a population in excess of 11 million people.

Due to bad weather in the U.S., the Vice Mayor of Guangzhou, Mr. Wang Dong, and his high profile delegation including the Director General of the Guangzhou Education bureau, Mr. Qu, Shaobing, could not make it to the ceremony in time. However, present at the signing of the agreement were a number of dignitaries:

– Ms. Holly Back (Acting Councillor, City of North Vancouver)
– Mr. Grant Sheppard (Assistant Director – International Education, BC Ministry of Education)
– Dr. Natalee Popadiuk (Associate Professor & Graduate Advisor, University of Victoria)
– Mr. Chen, Feng (Principal, Guangzhou Huamei International School)
– Ms. Chen, Xiaoying (Assistant Principal, Guangzhou Huamei International School)
– Mr. Paul Yuen (President, Bodwell High School)
– Ms. Cathy Lee (Principal – Academics, Bodwell High School)
– Mr. Stephen Goobie (Principal – Student Life, Bodwell High School)

Please see photos from the event below.

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