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What is Bodwell doing during the COVID-19 Situation

Since January, Bodwell has been actively monitoring and preparing for the COVID-19 health emergency, working with local health and education authorities. As a boarding school for students from around the world living together, we need to take additional precautions to keep our students safe and healthy.

Safety measures began in February through screening of student arrivals to campus as well as addition hygiene and santization measures, in addition to health monitoring of students and staff. Travel plans for students and parents were restricted as per Canada’s travel advisories.

Due to the rapid pace of change in COVID-19 concerns in the greater community, we are now implementing the following measures. These are aimed to limit potential exposure within the community and increase social distancing while maintaining essential operations as a school.

1) International School Trips are cancelled for Spring Break. Affected parents have been notified.
2) All school-sponsored outings into the community are cancelled. This includes boarding outings, class trips, offsite extracurricular clubs, volunteering, and so on.
3) Boarding students are being asked to stay on campus at all times (unless accompanied by staff—for going to clinic, etc.). Homestay and day students are required to stay at home in evenings/weekends and may only come to campus for their daytime classes.
4) No visitors are allowed on campus except essential services (utilities, etc.).
5) We are increasing screening of people arriving to campus, including staff. Each staff who arrives from off-campus to be screened for health symptoms, and to report any concerns before coming to campus, including possible contact with suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19. We are being extra cautious with reporting of symptoms from students.
6) All current or new Away With Permissions (AWPs) are cancelled.
7) Food deliveries for students have extra safety measures in place.
9) Student elevators are locked off and students are asked to take the stairs.
10) We will generally encourage social distancing among students as much as possible.


Bodwell will continue to operate classes with the above measures in place. Additional measures may apply. We will continue assess the situation and may cease regular classroom operation if the circumstances warrant or if mandated by government authorities. Pending Ministry requirements and recommendations, our goal is for student learning to continue for the remainder of the term according to school calendar despite class interruptions. If necessary, we will aim to deliver student learning in creative ways, including distance learning, as student/teacher/school technology and preparation allows.

Pending health authority recommendations, boarding students may stay onsite, and homestay students may stay in their homestays (or in boarding as space allows), on a tentative basis, to be evaluated as we go along. Sufficient meal service, supervision and some programming will be our goal to the degree possible. In this case, students may also relocate to the care of their family without penalty of attendance.

Thank you for your support and attention. We will need everyone’s help and cooperation, in the days and weeks ahead.

Stephen Goobie

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