Global Citizenship and Leadership @ Bodwell.

Young people are growing up in challenging times. In the midst of all the uncertainty, Bodwell empowers students with the skills they need to survive and thrive in the world-to-come.  At the heart of Bodwell's educational environment is the concept of global citizenship and leadership.  Bodwell students gain an understanding of:


The idea that all societies are dependent or associated to one another in some way.

The idea that people have a duty and role in the communities they live in.

The idea that there is always an opportunity to make a positive impact.

By learning how to interact with different peoples, students learn to look at themselves through the eyes of another; they forge a unique global identity; and they build bridges to mutual understanding.

Bodwell provides students with the following opportunities that enhance their sense of global awareness:



Demonstrated through History, Social Justice, and Leadership classes.


Demonstrated through the Volunteer Club and Recycling Club and community outreaches.

House System 

The Bodwell houses promote universal values and ethics.


Student Parliament leads by example and gives voice to the student body.

Global Relations 

International Relationships give rise to volunteer opportunities and cultural exchange.

Special Events 

Important events that remind us of exemplary people and events that inspire us to act.


Volunteering and service learning are elements running throughout the school’s programs. Students must complete 30 hours of work/volunteer experience in community organizations before graduation. Notably, for many years since 2007, a group of students has travelled to another country to provide aid and goodwill to a partner community. Through these activities, students acquire a positive drive for bettering the world, as well as valuable experience for entrance to a university.

Here are some of our long-term volunteering partners that our students have been volunteering with. To sign up for these long-term volunteering opportunities please click on their logos below. For weekend opportunities, please go to school calendar to sign up.

Vancouver Aquarium
Vancouver Coastal Health
North Vancouver Community Arts Council
Stanley Park Ecology Society
Vancouver Covenant House
Aunt Leah's Place
Sunrise Senior Living
Harbourside Children's Centre

* Please come see Mrs. Maya McArthur at the Career and Community Center to inquire about volunteer opportunities (


Use the websites below to find volunteering opportunities in Vancouver, Canada.

Volunteer Vancouver
Go Volunteer


This form is for organizations who would like to recruit student volunteers from Bodwell. Please submit your information below, and we will contact you shortly.

Fill out my online form.

Campus Jobs

Gain Valuable Knowledge & Skills

Campus Jobs are leadership roles offered to students who are wanting to gain valuable knowledge and skills, fulfill the graduation requirement for 30 volunteer hours, act upon formal leadership opportunities and contribute positively to our community.


There will be an orientation meeting with all students who signed up to any Campus Jobs.

Official Photographer

Supervisors: Ms. Beatriz Pereira
Main responsibilities:
- Taking photos or videos of various school events and activities
- Delivering media in a timely fashion, particularly for social media purposes
- Finding creative ways to explore and express what life is like at Bodwell
- Learning and advancing your skills

Requirements: Creative enthusiasm, technical knowledge of photography elements, and a willingness to keep learning and challenging yourself. You must own or have access to a good camera.

Peer Tutor

Supervisors: Ms. May Yao and Minister of Academics
Main responsibilities:
- Help students understand class material
- Help students prepare for upcoming tests and assignments

Requirements: Strong academic performance, Patience, Proficiency in English, Effective Communication

Outdoor Activity Assistant

Supervisors: Mr. James Roche
Main responsibilities:
- Assist staff to run in-house activities
- Take attendance on activities
- Gather student feedback
- Assist in planning activity outings calendar
- Attend meetings and collaborate with supervisors

Requirements: Creative mindset, interest in event planning, good time management, strong organizational skills.

Laundry Manager

Supervisors: Hall Youth Advisor
Main responsibilities:
- Check on laundry machines each night for;
1 damaged machines
2 lint trap is clean
3 laundry soap is available
4 claimed clothes are being taken to lost property section on a determined and advertised day each week
5 coordinate with lost and found clerk
6 student’s name is put on machine when being used

Requirements: Strong organizational skills, reliable, self-directed, self-motivated.

Soji Assistant

Supervisors: Youth Advisor
Main responsibilities:
- Explain Soji Time to new students
- Announce Soji Time to each room
- Verify that students on the messy list are cleaning and fully utilizing Soji time
- Ensure sheets are changed on a bi-weekly basis
- Coordinate with youth advisors

Requirements: Strong leadership and communication skills, respectful attitude, strong organization skills.

Drama Assistant

Supervisors: Daniella Gentile
Main responsibilities:
- Taking inventory of all props and costumes we have and create a spreadsheet with this information on it
- Organizing all the props and costumes neatly and in order
- Checking in on these before and after the performance to make sure it is all intact

Requirements: Discernment, sound judgment, emotional maturity, ability to relate well with others, positive and friendly attitude.

Curfew Check Assistant

Supervisors: Youth Advisors
Main responsibilities:
- Using a hall attendance list, the student will complete a curfew check between 10:15pm and 10:45pm.
- After the check is done, the student will report if anyone could not be found back to the Youth Advisor supervising the floor.

Requirements: Punctual, efficient, friendly, trustworthy, and respectful.

New Student Ambassadors - Positions FULL

Supervisors: Mr. Housam Hallis and Ms. May Yao
Main responsibilities:
- Welcome new students
- Assist with campus/community orientation
- Connect students to campus resources

Requirements: Discernment, sound judgment, emotional maturity, ability to relate well with others, positive and friendly attitude.

Lounge Assistant

Supervisors: Hall Youth Advisors
Main responsibilities:
- Decorating the Hall lounge and putting up signs
- Assisting with educating hall mates about keeping the common area clean

Requirements: Reliable, tidy, strong organization skills, an instinct for design & decorating.

Birthday / Hall Party Assistant

Supervisors: Hall Youth Advisors
Main responsibilities:
- Assisting hall advisors in planning and setting up the hall party
- Collecting hall mates' birthday dates 
- Coordinating signing the birthday cards, etc.

Requirements: Reliable, tidy, strong organization skills, interested in event planning.

Study Hall Assistant

Supervisors: Mr. Gavin Marshall
Main responsibilities:
- Collaborate with Mr. Gavin on study block concerns
- Open classrooms on a daily basis before study block begins
- Assist in gathering student information with regards to study block absences
- Lock all study block doors in the evenings

Requirements: Reliable, honest, trustworthy, punctual, assertive.

Boarding Kitchen Assistant

Supervisors: Ms. Danika Van Vliet and Ms. Marina Kitt
Main responsibilities:
- Organizing the cupboards and cleaning out the fridge
- Making sure the boarding kitchen countertops and work area are clean

Requirements: Reliable, honest, trustworthy, organized, clean.

Sports Team Manager

Supervisors: Team Coaches
Main responsibilities:
- Attend games 
Assist team coaches and players with setup, take-down, attendance taking, carrying equipment, and other duties as needed
- Take team pictures

Requirements: No playing on cellphones during duty times, unless requested to take pictures by the coach. Managers must be on time, accountable, and committed.

Sports Score & Line Keeper

Supervisors: Mr. Jim Burnett
Main responsibilities:
- Attending the game
- Score counting
- Line keeping, making sure no one steps out of the line
- Upholding sports rules

Requirements: Must be accountable, reliable, and must have some knowledge about the rules of the sports for which you are helping to keep score.

Snack Server

Supervisors: Stephanie White / Scott Hildebrandt
Main responsibilities:
- Meet with supervisor(s) to collaborate on snack for the evening
- Assist in gathering student feedback for snack ordering
- Supervise the microwave station to ensure its proper use during snack time
- Evenly distribute the snack to students

Requirements: Must be trustworthy, reliable, and willing to obtain Food Safe certification.

Daily Wrap-Up Assistant

Supervisors: Wrap-Up Staff
Main responsibilities:
- Help with duties on the Wrap-Up Checklist, including:
1. Cafeteria cleaning: clearing tables, pushing in chairs, putting left-over property in the lost and found
2. Making sure students are out of the music room 10:05pm
3. Making sure students are off the stage by 10:05pm
4. Helping to clean the gym of equipment and garbage if needed
5. Help staff clean the 2nd floor kitchen
- Wrap-up assistant should not be locking doors, staff will do this when they sweep to confirm all the duties are complete.
- Collaborate with staff assigned to wrap-up duties that evening

Requirements: Punctual, efficient, and organized.

Library Assistant - Positions FULL

Supervisors: Librarian
Main responsibilities:
- Help students check-in, check-out and renew books
- Operate the library database system
- Organize books according to coding system
- Tidy the library space and shelve returned books by the end of each shift
- Follow library closing procedure

Requirements: Friendly, reliable and motivated person who possesses great customer service and organizational skills. Need to attend a training session with the librarian.



Activity Promoter

Positions Available: 1 - 4 people
# of Hours / Week: 2 hours per week
Supervisors: Mr. Graeme Davies, Ms. Stephanie White
Main responsibilities:
- Encourage students in East & West Halls to sign up for various activities
- Communicate with supervisor(s) to make sure the activities are accurately portrayed and understandable to students
- Make presentations during Hall Meetings about upcoming outings
- Assist in making slides and posters to promote activities

Requirements: Confident and enthusiastic individual. Persuasive and comfortable speaking to large groups. Outgoing. Has a wide social circle.

Meal Monitor

Positions Available: 8 - 14 people
# of Hours / Week: 30 min per meal time
Supervisors: Campus Job Coordinators and Staff on Duty
Main responsibilities:
- Supervise meal line making sure students are using their FOBS and are not cutting in line
- Ensure homestay students are not eating boarding meals
- Encourage students to clean up
- Keep track of student infractions and collaborate with supervising staff.

Requirements: Responsible, Assertive, Trustworthy

Good Will Ambassador

Positions Available: 1 - 5 people
# of Hours / Week: TBA
Supervisors: Mercedes Fenyo
Main responsibilities:
- Collaborate with supervisors and Ministers of Citizenship on initiatives to create a community of care
- Develop and carry out plans for spreading LOVE and KINDNESS in our community

Requirements: Creativity, passion, willingness, kindness, empathy, works well individually and in a team, strong organization, ability to relate to others

Lost & Found Clerk

Positions Available: 2 - 4 people
# of Hours / Week: 2 hours per week
Supervisors: May Yoa and Youth Advisors
Main responsibilities:
- Clean, Fold, sort and categorize lost & found items weekly
- Bagging items for donation during mid and end school term
- Assist students in reclaiming their lost items, prepare announcements, etc.
- Work together to come up with a plan to better organize the Lost & Found bin

Requirements: Passionate about preserving our planet and Work in collaboration with staff and laundry coordinator

Student Media Coordinator

Positions Available: 1 - 2 people
# of Hours / Week: 1 - 5 hours per week
Supervisors: Kaan Turker and Andrew Jackson
Main responsibilities:
- Collate amazing photographs and video footage of life at Bodwell from students and present to supervisor(s) with a caption to be uploaded to a slide show and/or social media
- Coordinate with the official student photographer
- Assist in writing blog, yearbook and newsletter entries.

Requirements: Self-motivated and self-directed. Takes initiative. Has strong leadership abilities and comprehensive knowledge of social media networks. Competent speaking and writing in English. May be asked to write a sample blog and/or present photographs.

Hall Meeting Coordinator

Positions Available: 1 - 2 people
# of Hours / Week: 1 - 1.5 hours per week
Supervisors: Simon Yoon / Youth Advisors
Main responsibilities:
- Collaborate with supervisors in generating ideas for hall meetings
- Present on various life skill topics and assist and taking attendance and polling procedures during meetings

Requirements: Creative, Reliable, Sound Judgement

Hall Advisor Assistant

Positions Available: 12 people (1 person per hall)
# of Hours / Week: 1 hour
Supervisors: Youth Advisor
Main responsibilities:


Health Ambassador

Positions Available: 1 - 2 people
# of Hours / Week: 1 hour per week
Supervisors: Ms. Catherine / Ms. Battison
Main responsibilities:
- To collaborate with the school nurse in promoting health awareness
- To assist nurse with administrative tasks

Requirements: Organized, Passionate about leading a healthy lifestyle, Responsible, Reliable, Works well in a group and individually

Student Kitchen Manager

Positions Available: 2 - 3 people
# of Hours / Week: 0.5 Hours per day
Supervisors: Boarding Office Staff
Main responsibilities:
- Ensure the second floor kitchen is clean each night
- Supervise kitchen while in use
- Maintain a log of who is using the kitchen.

Requirements: Clean, responsible and reliable. Able to direct other students to follow the correct procedures when using the kitchen. Willing to obtain Food Safe Certification.

Outdoor Adventure Officer

Positions Available: 1 - 2 people
# of Hours / Week: Varies by "Adventure"
Supervisors: James Roche
Main responsibilities:
- Meet with supervisor at arranged time before Outdoor Adventure to determine duties, e.g. assist with itinerary, equipment care and any necessary tasks related to the event
- Collaborate with supervisor and activity promoter in order to assist with trip promotion
- Attend the trip you helped plan

Requirements: Has a passion for the outdoors and experience on outdoor pursuits. Leads a balanced lifestyle. Likes to work as a part of an enthusiastic team. Reliable and responsible.

Environmental Coordinator

Positions Available: 4 - 8 people
# of Hours / Week: 4+ hours per week
Supervisors: TBA
Main responsibilities:
- Help educate Bodwell students on creating a sustainable future
- Come up with ways to promote environmental awareness among Bodwell students.
- Separating recycling by various categories

Requirements: Passionate about preserving our planet and is energetic and great at engaging people, good collaboration skills with School and Boarding staff.

Bike Station Assistant

Supervisors: Youth Advisor
Main responsibilities: