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Bodwell High School celebrated Lunar New Year and welcomed the Year of the Rooster with great food, games and activities. The event was enjoyed by many students and it was a first time experience for most. Everyone was really interested to learn about many different Asian cultures and taste their food. Volunteering students emphasized the importance of Lunar New Year by explaining that it is an old custom and tradition in many Asian countries, such as China, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam, to celebrate and welcome Spring. It is celebrated on the first day of the first month according to the Lunar calendar. Volunteers also walked with their friends during the event and taught them their culture and food. Thanks to many students and staff, who volunteered to help with the decorations, and with the preparation of delicious food, we had an amazing time and enjoyed dumplings, sweet sesame rice balls and rice cakes. We also had banh chung (pork rice cake), nem ran (fried spring rolls) and banh tet (sticky rice cake).

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