As a new member of Model United Nations Team, I got a great experience and enjoyed so much one of the biggest conferences: VMUN.

VMUN is a conference of very keen students from across North American, whose aim is cooperatively research and solve global issues. It is just a model of the real United Nations; however, when you’re sitting in your committee with 50 delegates trying to protect children from dying in the war (for example, Syria right now), it’s becoming real. One solution after another, many hours of hard work, passionate debates, and you finally find the effective resolution to save these children! But wait, don’t be so glad, because solving global or simple regular conflicts is not an easy task. What about sponsors? Not everybody wants to part with their money, and not every country has a big desire to do something. And at this moment you face reality. So, be smarter, follow your valuable ideas and convince people in your beliefs.

MUN has taught me about life: how people, different systems and organizations work. It’s also a big challenge for international students, because discussing such complicated topics on foreign language is hard; nevertheless, after even one day of MUN your English improves a lot. Many Canadians and Americans students inspire you to develop new skills, get more knowledge and work on yourself every day.

I really appreciate that Bodwell students have the opportunity to participate in such interesting and useful events which can bring many advantages in your life, and I hope there will be more conferences and more experience!

Here are some photos from the event below!

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