At the final awards assembly for Winter term 2017, we gave out special awards to students for their achievements in academics, art, sport, music, citizenship and more. We also had the big announcement concerning which house won the most points for winter term 2017 following Courage House’s victory in fall 2016 (see video below to see who won).

Here’s a list of happenings at the assembly:

-Beginner band performed ‘We are Young’ by Fun (see video below)

-The 24 members of the Bodwell band performed a song they are going to do at Disney World this week. Good luck to them! (see video below)

-Members of the Royal Legion came to give out certificates and cheques to winning participants in the BC Remembrance Day art competition. Bodwell had a 3rd place in the province for one entry, which was a great achievement.

-Announcements were given regarding the term break and plans for summer term by Mr Hallis & Ms Lee

-Mr Goobie and our Prime Minister, Henry Wei, announced the winning house for winter 2017

Video: Which House Won & Bungee Surprise?

Video: Beginner Band Plays ‘We are Young’

Video: Bodwell Bands Plays A Song for Disney World

Finally, this assembly was one where we gave special mention to our Student Parliament members who will be graduating and not be coming back.

There was also a special moment to honour Mr Burnett who will be giving up his role as Athletic Director next term to focus on teaching and mentoring. He has done a wonderful job through the years and he has a special place in our school community’s heart.

On the right is a photo where he is given a special trophy by student parliament to commemorate his dedication.


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