I’m pleased to announce a new STUDENT LEADERSHIP structure at Bodwell from Fall 2016 onward, to go hand-in-hand with our renewed House System which is integrated with the Boarding Program. Our student leaders will gain even more real experience in leadership, will help bring the House System tradition to life, and will be key to help us to make our school a great place for all.

This system has been developed throughout last term with the input of a number of active students and staff, culminating in a final collaboration at the start of August with essential ideas from Bianca Ferrajohn, Jim Burnett, Housam Hallis, Mercedes Fenyo, Nat Zenone, and May Yao. Notably, Anne Nguyen was one student who was crucial to creating this new structure.

This elegant and exciting new model takes the best elements of our previous separate leadership groups – Boarding Prefects, House Captains, and Parliament – and combined them together under ONE integrated student leadership umbrella, to be called the Student Parliament.

Image of New House System & Names of Houses from Fall 2016

The student leaders will no longer separately be called Prefects and House Captains, although elements of these roles will be retained. They will each be called “Captains”, each a member of Student Parliament (36 members in total). Some will live in boarding and some in homestay (or as day students).

Since there are 6 Houses in our renewed House System, each composed of 2 halls and homestay/day students, student leadership will structured as follows:

Each house will have 6 Captains.
e.g. Harmony A, B, C, D, E, F

Each Boarding Hall and Homestay/Day group will have 2 Captains.
-The hall-based captains’ duties will include helping advisors run the hall (like previous Prefects). The homestay/day-based captains’ duties will include helping school staff in many areas (like previous House Captains & Student Parliament).
e.g. Harmony West = Captains A & B, Harmony East = Captains C & D, Harmony Homestay/Day 1 = Captains E & F.

Captains can then later apply and become elected as a Cabinet Member:
Roles: Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Arts & Culture, Minister of Academics, Minister of Sports and Minister of Citizenship.
-Cabinet members take on special duties in addition to their regular captain duties.


A Brief Description of student leadership roles are as follows:


-Act as role models and teach other students in their houses about values and build community spirit.
-Upkeep the house boards once a month with information:
* Citizen, artist, academic & sports students of the month from their house
* Influential famous people of the month with a picture, name, title and quote (one of each – citizen, artist, academic & sports)
* Overall house points for each category
-Organize competitions twice per term (Oct, Nov, Feb, March, May, June) for athletics, academics, arts & citizenship.
-Help to organize school-wide events (House dinners, school dances, etc.)
-Train as peer mediators for the school and help to resolve conflicts.
-Run and monitor volunteer jobs around the school (6 Homestay/Day reps work with May for daytime jobs – recycling station, serve meals, help students to clean/collect dishes, etc.)

All roles of the captains as well as the roles listed below:
-Create an annual overview of student events throughout the year by collaborating with the house captains & prefects.
-Oversee school-wide events (House dinners, school dances, etc.)
-The cabinet submit proposals from prefects and students to school administration in a meeting once every two weeks.
-Speak at assemblies:
-Awards Assembly – Summary of events that will happen that term
– S.O.M. Assembly – Present student awards
– Colours Assembly – Summary of the term (issues that were resolved/being worked on, Minister of Arts & Culture term end video, etc.)

Meeting times & items to be discussed:

-House meetings (1-2 per term)
-ALL Captain meetings – 36 members (Weekly)
-Captain House meetings – 6 students (Weekly)
-Cabinet meetings (Formally once a week, but need daily interactions)
-Student Parliament Leadership Camp in October (all members)
-Cabinet & Administration meetings (Twice a month to join the Academic or Boarding Admin meeting for 15 minutes) + invited to attend other staff meetings.

Thursday, September 8th 2016 Interested students get an application from boarding office.

NOTE: Students in previous leadership roles (Prefects, Captains, etc.) should apply & indicate their previous position to be “fast-tracked”.

Monday, September 12th Application Deadline

* by 10:30 pm in Boarding Office

Tuesday, September 13th Publish Captain Candidates

* A list of selected applicants will be posted at 3:30 pm at the dorm office

Wednesday, September 14th Election & Voting for Captain Candidates

Boarding Captain Candidates – Speeches & voting in the evening during HALL MEETINGS

* Homestay/Day Captain Candidates – At 3:40 pm in various classrooms

Thursday, September 15th Announce 36 Successful Captains

* Candidates will be told if they have been chosen or not in block A

* Captains are then given the opportunity to apply for one of 6 Cabinet roles

Monday, September 19th Election & Voting for Cabinet Candidates (Prime Minister, etc.)

* Cabinet candidates will give a speech & answer a question at the Awards Assembly

*  Staff & students will vote at the beginning of their mentor classes

Tuesday, September 20th Announce Cabinet

* Staff & students will be told at the Terry Fox Assembly

* House Meetings to follow later that week & the week following 

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