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School Newsletter

Start of September 2020

Dear Bodwell students and Parents,


  • Classes starts of September 8.
  • Our School Plan is ready to go.
  • COVID-19 cases in BC have risen in recent weeks
  • We will help students having travel delays with their learning as much as we can.

Message from the Principal

ARE YOU READY?  The final countdown until September classes is on, and what a thrilling countdown it is!  We are very excited to see many students back in the classrooms at Bodwell again in just over a week’s time, with classes starting on September 8.

It has been an extraordinary year in which as much as 90% of the world’s schools closed due to the global pandemic.  During such a challenging time, Bodwell students have persevered through online learning at a long distance and discovered powerful new ways of preparing their minds for university.  Parents and students have bravely made arrangements to rejoin our school community.  We are proud of you!  Now it is time to refocus on your academic goals and get back on track.  We are sure this is going to be a great year ahead.

This fall, Bodwell has many new program features and exciting ideas to introduce.  We remain committed to Our School Plan announced in July.  Over the past month, there are a few final updates to share.  Please review the information below and feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.  Our amazing team is ready to help you!

Here and around the world, we can expect that the ups and downs of cases of COVID-19 will go on for some time.  British Columbia had much success in “flattening the curve” from March until June.  In the past few weeks there have been some increase in cases of COVID-19 in local communities around the province, especially among young adults.  In response, BC has aggressively scaled up its testing capacity, contract tracing, and penalties for those who are not following safety regulations.  Here at Bodwell, our safety measures are in full effect as we take every possible precaution to safeguard students and staff.

For some international students, travel remains challenging.  For those students who are unable to return to school on time for the start of classes, we will do our best to ensure students can smoothly resume their studies as soon as they safely arrive.  Your patience is appreciated.

Six months ago, we said “We will get through this together.”  I am very grateful to all parents and students for your support, patience and encouragement these past six months.  It is because of you that TOGETHER we have had the strength as a school to push forward.  Safe travels and see you soon!


Stephen Goobie


Key Points

  • Bodwell has submitted its Stage 2 Restart Plan to the BC Ministry of Education.
  • Student quarantine is going well.
  • Students will be living in cohorts to allow more comfort.
  • Masks will be used on campus.
  • Bodwell will continue to work with BC public health authorities.

After much work, British Columbia is moving to Stage 2 of its Education Restart Plan.  We have submitted our plan to the Ministry of Education and it has now been approved. We are ready to commence classes.

We are pleased to report that our 2-week mandatory quarantine for students arriving has been going well here on campus, in homestays and at the University of British Columbia (UBC).  Students have been receiving close support while isolated in their individual rooms, keeping healthy and busy, and those who have finished have been very happy to rejoin the boarding community!

One important additional safety measure for all schools in BC to follow this fall is the introduction of Learning Cohorts.  Learning Cohorts allow students to interact with one another in limited numbers, and to reduce their contact with others outside of their regular group.  At Bodwell, we have chosen “Living Cohorts” as groups of students based on their living location.  Students within a Living Cohort will be able to closely interact with each other in boarding spaces, but will maintain a safe distance from anyone outside of their cohort.  This means that students will keep a safe distance from one another and from teachers during class time, utilizing the power of an online platform in the classroom.

What About Masks?

BC schools are also moving toward the use of MASKS in schools to prevent the spread of droplets carrying germs.  Bodwell students and staff will use masks or other face coverings whenever they are outside of their Living Cohorts and moving about in common spaces.  When seated in class and physically distanced, students will have the option to remove their masks.  While masks are made available here at the school, students are encouraged to bring or purchase their own according to their preference and comfort.

What Can Parents Expect?

Counsellors will continue to be parents’ key link to what is happening at Bodwell.  We will keep you up to date with the latest developments.  It is important to note that in the unlikely case of a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19, we will be following direction from the BC Centre for Disease Control and our local public health authorities.

Please view either of the following videos to hear from Mr. Goobie about safety steps for students and staff this fall:

If interested, for your reference you may also find the following BC Provincial COVID-19 documents useful, as they have informed our school’s safety plans.

Welcome Back Weeks & Orientation for New Students

Upon completing their quarantine, students have several weeks of fun and engaging boarding activities to join.  It is time to get out and enjoy some beautiful Vancouver weather!

This Fall, students will be orientated as never before!  Due to staggered arrival times and quarantine requirements, New Student Orientation will be held online for all new students.  Bodwell has created a special online orientation site for students to learn many information ideas about living and learning at the school. Returning students and parents are welcome to view the information as well.

Please create a user name and password here:

So, Whats Your Group?

This fall we will bring the launch of After School “Groups” in G-Block, and extensive academic support opportunities never seen before.  Get ready for IELTS and writing support, active learning, tutoring, and much more!  Check out this overview from Mr. Chaffey, Assistant Principal, and get ready to choose your group for the fall term.

Teachers can’t wait for you to find your Group as we welcome you back to Bodwell High School!  It is time to get back to the important job of learning and growing toward your university goals.

Important Dates & Graduation 2020

September 8 First day of academic classes
September 14 G-block Groups & Study Hall begins
September 18 Professional Development Day
October 3 Saturday Enrichment classes begin
October 12 Thanksgiving Holiday
October 23 Professional Development Day
November 3-5 Midterm Exams
November 11 Remembrance Day Holiday
December 19 Winter Break begins
overseas travel is discouraged (no departures prior to this date)
January 4 Fall 2020 classes resume
February 2-3 Final Exams
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