Today’s assembly started with Ms. Cathy Lee’s opening remarks about the construction update and the Saturday Enrichment Block.  Then the assembly was led by the student cabinet. All four ministers of the student parliament handed out awards to outstanding students. Minister of Fine Arts, Tokzan A. handed out the certifications for the art students of the month, while Minister of Athletics, Ali E. presented the awards for the athletes of the month. Later, Minister of Citizenship, Andree B. chose one student from each house and gave awards to those citizenship students of the month. Finally, Minister of Academics, Amanda L. gave certifications to outstanding academic students. Prime Minister, Aybars O. and Deputy Prime Minister Ihor M. presented the student cabinet’s achievement in the first 4 weeks since they were elected and continued with upcoming events; such as Halloween dance, school newspaper,  movie night. chess and soccer tournament. The assembly continued with Ms. Bianca Ferrajohn, Assistant Principal-Guidance & Citizenship, announcing the Peru Service Trip to students for leadership opportunities. The assembly finalized when Mr. Housam Hallis, Vice Principal, talked about school routines, such as the importance of attendance and uniforms as well as important upcoming events like the emergency drills and midterm exams.

Student Cabinet 2016 -2017

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