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Online Learning at Bodwell

Online learning, Assemblies, Scheduled Learning – 4/24/2020


Hello from here at Bodwell. 

I hope all of you are doing well and staying safe given these difficult circumstances in so many communities around the world. Last week was our Spring break and this week, we are back into action with online learning. I know many students have been studying hard over the last few days. I would like to tell you, I’ve got a few events that happened and are coming up. And then talk a little bit more about online learning today. So 2 events;

Assembly for All Boarding Students

One event was our assembly for all boarding students, where we talked a little bit more about safety here on campus; what are some additional things that we can do to prevent the spread of COVID-19. That happened and went very well.

World-Wide All-School Assembly

Next Monday, we are going to have an all-school assembly. It’s going to be online on Microsoft Teams and I’ll send students the link where they can join. Keep in mind this is happening and going to be viewed by students all around the world. So, it’s our first ever all-world assembly. It’s happening on Monday at 5 p.m. Pacific Standard time, so Vancouver Time. I hope it works for many students in different time zones. I look forward to bringing more updates, giving you a message to connect you back with the school that you’re a part of, and to let you know about some things to expect over the next few weeks as much as we can tell. 

Online Learning Handbook

In terms of online learning, something that I sent to parents just today was our new school handbook. This is the Bodwell online learning handbook and it goes over a lot of information about some changes and improvements that we hope to introduce over this week to next week to our online learning system.

It’s been quite a journey, if you remember on March 17th, the BC Ministry of Education suspended all in-class instruction. That meant very quickly that we needed to change to an online learning system. In fact the next day, we began to connect with students by email, sending them assignments, keeping the learning going as much as we can. During that week, we had a big mobilization of all the staff; the IT team and the teachers to try and figure out how we can do this more efficiently. We decided to start to use Microsoft Teams as our online learning platform. Since then teachers have been very busy posting, connecting with students on many different online tools in order to help them keep on learning.


Bodwell Online Learning Handbook

Bodwell Online Learning Handbook

Scheduled Learning

This week, we have additional changes that are coming in to help students learn even better. Students are going to be following a certain schedule that you will see when you look through the handbook. They’re going to be receiving videos that will help them plan the week ahead and introduce a lot of the concepts; receiving a lot of online activities and tools and assignments that they can work on, and find support from one another and the teachers. Then finally a chance to submit all of their assignments, wrap-up, get feedback and look to the week ahead as well.

Semi-Synchronous Learning

Another thing that students can look forward to is being able to connect live with teachers. I know this is a big question that has come up. Some schools will use synchronous or real time teaching to increase student learning and some schools will use asynchronous learning where it’s not live and there is a delay for the learning. At Bodwell we believe that the best approach is semi-synchronous, which is somewhere in the middle, where students will be working on their own with materials provided by the teacher. And at the same time have drop-in sessions with teachers during the school day here. So 8:30am until 3:30pm Vancouver time, where teachers are live online on Microsoft Teams. As well as extended office hours into the evening, so all of the students that are overseas can still connect with teachers and have a chat, or have a video call, or even connect by email and be able to get extra help from teachers as well. So that’s one of the models that we are using going forward and I think students will find teachers are very eager to reach out and help either through email or through those systems live on Microsoft Teams.

Again feel free to look through the handbook and I’ll be providing more information about the contents and explaining a little bit more wants to come. I really do hope students are doing the very best with online learning. We have to keep the learning going. That’s the most important thing. We have to make sure students are leaving this term with all the essential learning, all the sufficient learning that they will need for the next grade or for graduation.

Until then I wish you very well. Please stay safe and we will bring you more updates soon.



Online Learning Highlights

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