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About Bodwell

Bodwell High School is a private co-educational boarding school offering grades 8 to 12 and university preparation. Recognized as a leader among Canadian boarding schools, our school’s diverse student population make it a rich and exciting place to learn, study, play, and build lifelong memories and friendships. Bodwell welcomes up to 650 students throughout the year that come from over 40 countries!

Campus & Location

Bodwell is located in North Vancouver, a waterfront location that overlooks the Vancouver city centre. Our school campus features a cafeteria, indoor swimming pool, 2 multi-purpose gyms, 2 presentation theatres, music room, library and play court. Our on-site Boarding Program houses more than 515 students in mainly triple and quadruple rooms for both girls and boys. Boys and girls live in separated halls and receive 24-hour care, guidance and supervision from our dedicated staff.

University Preparation

Our graduates not only achieve fluency in English but also learn to set their goals high and sustain a deep desire for life-long learning that will serve them well in post-secondary life and beyond. The University and Career Guidance Team helps students to use their skills and ambitions towards the best opportunities for happiness and success. Through workshops, presentations, university campus visits, and relationships with many university admissions staff, the team navigates students through the university application process.

Global Citizenship & Leadership

One of the best ways for students to strengthen life skills, build character, gain experience and contribute to the school community is to take on a formal leadership role or to join a service club. Opportunities for leadership are available in academics, volunteering, the house system, boarding, student parliament and global relations.

Academic & English Preparation

Bodwell offers an Academic and English Preparation Program (AEP) in grades 8-11. The grade 8 and 9 classes are divided into three language levels and the grade 10 and 11 classes are divided into four language levels. Once a specific level of English proficiency has been met, a student is promoted to the next level. This continues until they reach a proficiency that would allow them to succeed in the academic grade program.

Academic Grade Program

Bodwell courses in grades 8-12 are designed with rich academic growth in mind. Graduates will receive a high school graduation diploma issued by the British Columbia Ministry of Education that is recognized by universities worldwide. Bodwell limits each class to a maximum of 24 students, with 18 being the average.

The 6 L's | The Essence of a Successful Life

At Bodwell, we strongly believe that there are several powerful aims of education all working together to guide the development of young people towards a balanced character. This concept shapes everything that we do at Bodwell, represented by “6 L’s.” Each L is an essential part of the Bodwell experience in both the academic and boarding programs. We practice and encourage well-roundedness in our students by offering a wide variety of classes, events and outings, meant to nurture the mind and body as well as to foster a sense of community and teamwork. The 6 L’s are a daily reminder of our conviction that education is a lifelong journey and one of the most important pursuits of life itself.

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Megumi Uehara

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What are the Bodwell Short Term Programs?

The Bodwell Short Term Programs include the Bodwell University Summer Program (BUSP) and the Academic Preparation Program (APP). They provide fun and engaging English programs during the summer months to 10 to 17 year olds with a variety of English levels offered from beginners to pre-high school.

What is the Bodwell University Summer Program?

Bodwell's University Summer Programs was the first campus-based summer program for international youth (aged 10 to 17) in Western Canada. We have now enjoyed 25 wonderful summers! We utilize indoor and outdoor learning environments to create a truly unique Canadian educational experience. With four different programs offered, students learn English in unique settings and contexts. All programs give students the experience of life away from home, the opportunity to make friends from around the world, and a great chance to develop their self-confidence. For more information, see the BUSP brochure below.

What is the Academic Preparation Program?

The Academic Preparation Program (APP) is an introduction to the Canadian high school curriculum for students ages 13-17. Using a theme-based approach to create an engaging learning environment, students will improve their English skills rapidly. Classes include mathematics, science, social studies and fine arts, as well as physical education. The program eases students into the new academic year by setting the standard of expectation reserved for the high school program. For more information, see the APP brochure below.




What's it like to graduate from Bodwell High School?


What's it like to study abroad at a top boarding school in Canada?


The benefits of boarding at Bodwell High School




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