It’s time for Bodwell students to “get rEal”.

Saturday Enrichment, or “Saturday E”, is set of engaging and hands-on courses which afford all Bodwell students opportunities to expand their learning to broader areas of “real-world” knowledge and to further strengthen their English language skills, toward the aim of studying in university and pursuing ambitious careers.

Starting this fall, in addition to our regular academic course offerings, Bodwell will give students even more diverse and real-world learning opportunities in the form of 3-hour weekly sessions on Saturdays from 9:35 am to 12:50 pm. Many creative learning and community involvement projects will allow students to further improve English and prepare for academic and career plans. By the end of the term, students will showcase their new skills and experience in an enrichment fair.

All Saturday Enrichment course offerings are now ready to go with a unique team of instructors eager to meet students. Instructions come from various professional fields, from business to fashion design and beyond. Many instructors are also specialists in helping students improve English language skills.

Students’ achievement in this Sat E block will be reported in final academic reports.

The first Saturday session will be September 10… so get rEady to get rEal!

“BEGINNERS”: AEP 10/11 (1, 2) + AEP 8/9 (1) INSTRUCTOR
Adventures in Comics English reading, drawing/storyboarding writing, acting, film adaptation with a focus on comics (aka graphic novels). Andrea Klockenbrink
Speaking with Confidence A Public speaking training, interactive English discussion, introduction to debate, presentation skills. Judy Lee
Speaking with Confidence B Public speaking training, interactive English discussion, introduction to debate, presentation skills. Aishah Kasim
The Lyrics of Pop Improve language skills through the lyrics of pop music artists, and through rhythm too. Confidence & “real-world” vocab. Writing & performing lyrics. Cameron Hood
“INTERMEDIATE”: Regular Grade 8/9 + AEP 8/9 (2) + AEP 10/11 (3) INSTRUCTOR
Acting & Filmmaking Acting & performing through English. Introduction to capturing dialogue through film by viewing example and trying it out. Maria James
Debate & Persuasion Clear communication, planning to present, the art of argument, listening skills, ways of thinking, discussion of exciting issues. David M Skrzypinski
The Lyrics of Rap Improve skills through the poetic stylin’ of popular music artists. Builds “real-world” vocab. Insights into the hip hop world. Try your hand at writing lyrics. Mercedes Fenyo
Laugh & Learn through Comedy How to be funny, public speaking, understanding sarcasm, irony, satire. Laugh your Saturday off. Kadin Burnett
Myths & Legends of the World Exploring important stories and traditions from BC and around the world through language, art, music and modern media. Alexandra Kropova
“ADVANCED”: Regular 10/11/12 + AEP 10/11 (4) INSTRUCTOR
IELTS Intensive Special advanced course for those serious students who will be taking IELTS in the Fall 2016 term and are aiming for very high scores. Small class size. Aaron Wilson (Global Village)
Let's Go IELTS Prep Practical tools & final preparation to succeed in the IELTS exam. Happy Gosal
Get ready! IELTS Head Start Be smart and get an early start on preparing for the IELTS exam. Yueli Wang
Carpe diem: Seize the Day Set goals and achieve them. Support in gaining skills – outdoor adventure, career & hobby skills, volunteering, & athletic. Graeme Davies
Leadership & Service Get tons of volunteer hours while experiencing local community. Lead to learn, and serve to explore. Kristen Hydes
Heal the World Earn volunteer hours by working with a local ecology expert. Learn how to plant, garden & sustain your natural habitat. Julia Alards-Tomalin
Adventurous Learning Hiking, learning teamwork, leadership, survival skills, knowing yourself, exploring local sites, water sports, and much more. James Roche
Sports & Beyond Human performance: Learn & experience body movement principles & techniques for strength & conditioning. Intro to sport psychology. Jim Burnett
Swimming & Lifesaving Fulfill your potential in the pool. Become a better swimmer. Learn first aid and how to save a life. Madeleine Belanger
Graphic & Film Design Capture, create & polish graphic & moving images into gems, and showcase these to the world. Chris Adamowicz
Level Up through Video Games Explore video game design, strategy & development. Examine & experience the world of E-Sports. Try your hand at game programming, coding & creation. Calvin Woo
Fashion Design & Life Sketching Learn about beauty through life sketching & fashion design. Possible extensions into some beauty topics, jewellery, sewing, etc. Kate Davies
The Song in Your Head Learn to compose & perform digital music for use in various media. Explore a variety of musical genres & ways to express yourself. David Lugo
Study Skills & Exam Prep Exam, university and career readiness through interactive activities. Beatrice Torre
Careers of the Future Explore your options for future work and how to get there. Major career areas (psychology, IT, engineering etc.) are experienced, plus your own interest. Sara Frankenberger
Masterchef Bodwell Food is everything. Plan, prepare, cook, create, eat, clean, repeat – and take your learning to a new level. Luchy Tejero
Money & Business Explore what life & work in the business world is really like. Plus how to manage your money and get/be/stay rich. Alex Osorio

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