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On 3 March 2016 the Social Studies 10B class conducted a trial of Louis Riel in Room 121 . All students went into role for this event, which originally occurred in 1885 in Regina, Saskatchewan. The trial was held in the Court of Judge Hugh Richardson (Michelle), assisted by the Court Clerk (Maksim).The Defence Team was lead by Azul, ably assisted by Tokzhan, Zeltzin, and Onyi. The Crown (Prosecution) Team was lead by Mariam, ably assisted by Gavin, Ona, and Gwen. Crown and Defence witnesses were Choi, Marina, Isabella, Oksana, and Lin. Courtroom security was provided by the Sheriff (James) and Ziwei (Police). Jury men were: Alexey, Frida, Tuner, Diana, and Fatima. Mr. Greg Corcoran kindly participated as Louis Riel.

The Jury found Mr. Riel guilty of high treason, as charged. Mr. Riel was escorted out of Room 121 by the Sheriff at the conclusion of the trial. Take a look at the pictures below or read more about why Louis Riel was such an important figure in Canadian history here

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