Yesterday in the school cafeteria from 3:30pm to 5pm, students and staff celebrated lunar new year.

Many countries celebrate this event such as China, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, Mongolia, Japan… All of these countries are represented within the Bodwell student body. Countries celebrate the event in many different ways. For example, in Korea people gather with their families and eat. In China, people celebrate by showcasing their talents and as our student MC, Jeremy, pointed out at the event, children love receiving envelopes of money from their relatives.

To celebrate the coming of the year of the Monkey, students and staff prepared delicious food that represented the different countries. Some of the food on offer including Chinese dumplings, rice cake and skewers of fruit. Students also took part in fun activities such as traditional calligraphy.

Take a look through the photos below to see which food looks the most delicious. To learn more about the year of the Monkey click here. 

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