On the weekend of April 14th the Bodwell Boarding Program hosted a trip to Salt Spring Island for three days. The group of eleven left school the morning of the 14th, en-route to Tsawwassen where we would take our first ferry to Sidney, BC. After a short stay in Sidney we had to take another ferry to Salt Spring Island.

Once we got to Salt Spring we made the drive to Ruckle Park on west side of the island. As the rain came down through our drive, the clouds carried east as we pulled into camp and we were then blessed with constant sunshine for the coming days.

Following a good rest that night, our crew finished breakfast and broke camp to go explore the Salt Spring Market. A long time tradition on the island that now consumes the entire town square of Ganges. Vendors here will sell food, handmade goods, and clothing. After the market we returned to Ruckle Park for a hike. At low tide, we walked along the rocks of the coast to look at small tide-pools which hosted things like sea stars, anemones, and spider crabs. The hike lead us to the farm in the park where we went to hang out with the sheep and chickens.

The entire trip was fantastic. All of the students had rave reviews and really enjoyed the experience of getting to see one of the Southern Gulf Islands.

As always, big thanks to all of the staff and students who made this possible. We wouldn’t be able to make it happen without you.

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