Educational fun for 9 to 17 year olds

Bodwell's University Summer Programs was the first campus-based summer program for international youth in Western Canada. We have now enjoyed 20+ wonderful summers!  We utilize indoor and outdoor learning environments to create a truly unique Canadian educational experience.

With four different programs offered, students learn English in unique settings and contexts.  All programs give students the experience of life away from home, the opportunity to make friends from around the world, and a great chance to develop their self-confidence.

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Getting ready for Bodwell & beyond

The Academic Preparation Program (APP) is an introduction to the Canadian high school curriculum for students ages 13-17. Using a theme-based approach to create an engaging learning environment, students will improve their English skills rapidly. Classes include mathematics, science, social studies and fine arts, as well as physical education. The program eases students into the new academic year by setting the standard of expectation reserved for the high school program.


APP offers a variety of excursions in and around the city of Vancouver. Excursions allow students to learn outside the classroom and experience Canada’s culture and people.  Students will visit famous landmarks, attractions and become familiar with the city.


The program utilizes the high school's on-site boarding residence, with rooms accommodating 2-4 students. Bedrooms have breathtaking views of either the waterfront to the south or the mountains to the north. There are student lounges with audio-visual equipment, computers, and a kitchenette for snacks. The residence is managed by our experienced live-in directors and supervisors. Three nutritious meals and an evening snack are provided by the school cafeteria each day.


2 Weeks Program Fee:

August 7 - 20

$3,950 (CAD)

3 Weeks Program Fee:

August 7 - 27

$5,050 (CAD)

Application & Registration Fee Deadline:

June 30, 2022

Program Fee includes
Program Fee excludes

• Academic Preparation Classes & Excursions

• Report Card & Certificate of Completion

• Accommodation from the Program Arrival Date to the Program Departure Date*

• Meals (3 per day plus an evening snack)

• Transportation (airport pick-up/drop-off, to and from outings)

• Medical Insurance

• Custodianship Letter (if applicable)

• $500 Registration Fee (non-refundable)

*Additional days will be charged at $150 per day, if available. If attending Bodwell for the Fall 2022 term, no additional days will be billed between the two programs.

• Flight to and from Vancouver

• Unaccompanied Minor Service Fee (arrangements for both ways to be made in advance with airline)

• Spending Money for Personal Expenses

• $200 Damage Deposit (refundable)*

* Collected upon arrival to the program and returned upon departure if no damage has incurred.


A $500 non-refundable registration fee is included in all program fees and will be deducted before any refunds are issued. All cancellations require written notice submitted to Bodwell as per the schedule: cancel by July 1 - 100% refund, cancel by July 15 - 50% refund, no fees will be refunded after July 15..

Students attending Bodwell High School in Winter 2022 are exempted from the cancellation policy, however $500 non-refundable registration fee still applies should they decide to cancel participation in the program entirely.

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