On Wednesday February 25, 2015 the Bodwell Volunteer Club encourages all of you to wear something pink to symbolize that we as a community we will not tolerate bullying anywhere.

Some students have ordered pink shirts which will arrive on February 20th. If you did not order a shirt you can pay 2 dollars and wear your own pink shirt. All proceeds will go to Covenant House, the largest privately funded agency in the Americas serving homeless youth with shelter, food, crisis care and more.

As well as taking part at Bodwell, you can join in the provincial campaign via social media by uploading a photo, tagging a friend and using the hashtag #PinkitForward on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. For every hashtag, Coast Capital Savings will donate $1 to Pink Shirt Day BC.

Watch the video below made by the Bodwell Volunteer Club to highlight the suffering of bullying and the need to stand up together on Wednesday the 25th.

For a history of Pink Shirt Day and where it came from, please scroll to beneath the video.

Bodwell Volunteer Club Anti-Bullying Day 2015 Video

Pink Shirt Day

Anti-Bullying Day, also known as Pink Shirt Day, has grown to be a global event with over 25 countries participating and the UN declaring May 4th as the official date.

It began in Canada in the province of Nova Scotia in 2007 when two 12th graders (David Shepherd and Travis Price of Berwick) witnessed a fellow younger student being bullied for wearing a pink shirt to school. They went to the local dollar store and bought up as many pink shirts as they could and distributed them around school to show support for the boy.

In Nova Scotia, the Premier, Rodney MacDonald, declared the second Thursday of September to be anti-bullying day whereas in British Columbia, Gordon Campbell pronounced it to be February 27th which was adjusted to the 25th in 2009.

The day is important to create awareness around bullying. According to the US Department of Justice, 25% of all adolescents are bullied and for 71% of these students, it is persistent. According to research by Yale University there is a direct link between bullying and adolescent suicide.

In some countries the date differs and so to does the colour with blue being prominent as well as pink. However, what really matters is taking part in your local community, and raising money and awareness for good causes. With that in mind, be sure to wear pink on Wednesday in BC and help however you can.

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