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This year’s annual track and field day took place last week on Friday 3rd July at Sutherland High School track. There were lots of running, jumping and throwing events for all students to take part in. The weather was great and all in all, it was a very fun day out with food and drinks provided.

The event began with a march and opening ceremony led by the house captains. Check the photos below (taken by Ms. Weiss) to see other fun happenings such as the 50m finals, long jump, bean bag toss and soccer penalty kicks.

Here are some of the results:

Boy’s Softball – Yana Ando

Girl’s Bean Bag Toss – Iris Zhou

Boy’s Bean Bag Toss – Yana Ando

Girl’s 5 Hops – Nanya Chikezie

Boy’s 5 Hops – Sho Masuda

Girl’s Standing Long Jump – Nanya Chikezie

Boy’s Standing Long Jump – Georgiy Voropayev

Girl’s 50 Metres – Rolayo Abatan

Girl’s 400 Metres – Madina Kazakvaeva

The most outstanding athlete awards went to Madina Kazakvaeva (girls) and Takeshi Iso (boys). Stay tuned to find out the final house scores in the last assembly of the summer term.

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