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Dear Students and Parents,

I informed all students in our last school assembly of my finishing the term as School Principal at the end of this term, and from the start of our Spring Term, I shall assume the role of Director of School Development. I presented the same message to all parents on a previous weekly video.

It has been a privilege and a remarkable journey of professional growth as the school’s academic principal for five years. Mr. Stephen Goobie has collaborated seamlessly with me during the same five years as the Student Life Principal. Together, we have lead and built an aspiring staff team and a trusting school community with a creative and well-balanced boarding program for 500 students. I have enjoyed working with our students and am often immensely touched when they overcome challenges and leap forward. The potential in every young person is incredible. Mr. Goobie will be the Principal (covering both Academics and Student Life) from February. Assisting him are Mr. Housam Hallis, Vice Principal; Mr. Jens Nissen, promoted to Vice-Principal; and Mr. Shane Chaffey, promoted to Assistant Principal.

As the new Director of School Development, I shall further connect with alumni and parents to strengthen our school community. I shall also explore and establish new structures and projects to support the school’s growth and sustainability, and to expand opportunities for both past, current, and future students from around the globe to be active learners who contribute actively to the world.


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