The student body at Bodwell represents over 40 countries. Each one of these countries brings their own national identity, special customs and culture with them to Bodwell. This provides students with ample opportunities to organize and attend fun cultural events and be part of a thriving school community.

This week is more evidence of that: tonight we have the White Winter Ball happening and it’s a grand occasion for all. The aim of the ball is to tie in with Valentine’s Day as well as being a kind of ‘Snow Dance Party’ to celebrate the peak of winter time. Although you wouldn’t guess it was given the unusually very mild temperatures in Vancouver at the moment of 14 degrees Celsius and above. 

Next week we have two big events taking place throughout the school that are organized and run by the students with help from their teachers:

1. Brazilian Carnival Day (Tuesday 17th February – 3:30pm to 5pm)

The following promotional poster says it all about the impact of Brazilian culture throughout the globe: warm sandy beaches, Carnival dancers, Pele and the Juga Bonito, as well as delicious treats.

Brazil Carnival

2. Chinese Lunar New Year (Thursday February 19th – 3:30pm to 12am)

Chinese students make up the largest portion of our student body and the increasing influence of Chinese culture and economical strength can be felt throughout the world, especially in Vancouver which has a long tradition of Chinese settlers and immigrants living and working here.

If you are interested in celebrating the Chinese new year in Vancouver, there are lots of events including a parade featuring 3000 performers, including lion and dragon dancers. Find out more here

Watch the video below to learn more about Chinese Lunar New Year, it’s history, and traditions concerning the Nian monster, red banners and firecrackers. What does the Year of the Goat mean to you for 2015?

Discovering China - Chinese New Year

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Find out about all the events happening in the school by visiting the school calendar and check back for the pictures and videos from the events here

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