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School Newsletter

Welcome to the Spring 2022 Semester at Bodwell High School

To all of our new students arriving on campus this weekend,
Welcome to Bodwell High School!

We are so glad that you are joining us. A warm hello goes out to all of the parents and caregivers of our new students too. To all of our graduating and departing students, CONGRATULATIONS and farewell! We are very proud of all that you accomplished and will miss you. Please stay in touch and come to visit us your Bodwell family, post-pandemic.

Recent Posts

Despite a challenging month in January,

We were able to finish the term by holding a successful Art Show, Capstone Presentations, a Drama Production, Colours Assembly, and Mini-Graduation. Click the links to check them out!

For all of our returning students, we are looking forward to seeing you back in class and in the halls, working hard and sharing your learning spirit this coming Monday. We are in for a GREAT semester ahead! And to all who celebrate: Happy Lunar New Year! Welcome to the Year of the Tiger. Students celebrated this week by making traditional dumplings in our kitchen classroom

Important Dates this semester

February is Black History Month. Students are encouraged to learn more, be curious, and stand UNITED against racism and discrimination.

 February 7 Spring Semester classes begin. Staggered lunch schedule with rotating blocks.
New Student Orientation starts at 7:55 am.
February 22 G-Block afterschool co-curriculars begin.
February 26 S-Block Saturday Enrichment begins.
April 5-7 Midterm Exams
April 15-24 Spring Break: No classes.
April 26-28
June 13-15
Graduation Literacy Assessments 10 & 12, and Graduation Numeracy Assessment 10.
Note that January Assessments were cancelled in BC due to Omicron/attendance concerns.
June 18 Graduation Dinner for Class of 2022 (pending COVID restrictions)
June 22 Final Exams
June 24 Graduation Ceremony (more details to come!). Student departures may begin from this evening.
June 27 “Assessment for Learning Day”. Teachers available to meet students. Attendance is not required.
July 4 July Courses begin.


Cases of Omicron continue to remain high in the local community, although on the decline. Hospitalizations appear to be peaking. A number of students and staff experienced related symptoms since this wave began in December and have recovered. Bodwell staff currently have access to rapid test kits provided by the BC Ministry of Education for their own use in order to manage school staffing levels for continued operation.


In January before final exams, we had some students each day who needed to miss classes due to cold/flu symptoms. It is very important students not abuse this system. If a student is sick during the morning, they will need to be in their rooms or isolation for the remainder of the day and until symptoms clear. Only a school nurse can excuse them from class and release them from isolation. Students must not go to class or interact with others while they are having symptoms. Currently, testing centres are not recommending testing for most fully-vaccinated young people.


In the Fall Semester, our student and staff population was 96-97% fully vaccinated for an excellent level of protection. Soon, students who received their vaccinations in British Columbia will receive notification of booster shot appointments from the BC Government. New students who received previous vaccinations outside of BC are asked to contact our school nurses to discuss mRNA booster shots.


Our primary safety measures focus on daily health monitoring, use of masks, safe arrival procedures, advanced ventilation (i.e. fresh air flow) and widespread vaccination. As we closely monitor the situation and await upcoming public health announcements, for February 4-19 we have the following additional safety measures in place. This will be re-assessed for the holiday long weekend of February 19-21.

ALL students MUST ALL students should try their best to:
NOT go to class or interact with others while they are having cold/flu symptoms. Monitor themselves for cold/flu symptoms and see the nurse if unwell.
Wear a tight-fitting mask in all school common areas. Wear a mask around others in the boarding hall lounges.
Use a leave pass if they wish to go off campus. Allowed once each day up to 3 hours in length. Avoid gatherings with others in the community.
Meal times: East Hall students must eat only in the East cafeteria. West Hall students eat in the West cafeteria. Put their mask back on as soon as they are done eating/drinking at meal time.
Avoid joining community teams, clubs or volunteering activities at this time to limit their close contacts. Keep their close interaction to a small and consistent circle of friends of the same cohort.
Have Away-With-Permission (AWP) with parents only. Follow all BC Public Health orders.
Boarding students: Go directly upstairs after class until 4:30pm.
Homestay & Day students: Depart campus at 3:30 pm unless attending an academic support program.
Get vaccinated so each student has 2 doses plus a booster shot.

Finally, good news! School Athletics is back in action this semester with Track & Field along with Golf. School tournaments are now allowed by BC School Sports, with enhanced safety measures in place.

It has now been more than two years since the first case of COVID-19 here in British Columbia. These years have not been easy, both here and around the world. We are grateful to our staff teams for their perseverance and ingenuity, students for their patience and courage, and parents for their support and trust. We are hopeful that the coming weeks and months will bring a new and less severe phase of the pandemic, and will open up many opportunities for additional student engagement and learning. We are glad to be on this journey together with you!

Whenever you have questions, suggestions or concerns, please do reach out.


Stephen Goobie, Principal

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