Every term Bodwell showcases amazing works of art at their Bodwell Art Show where students display their talents and what they have learned in that term to the whole student body. During the semester students worked really hard to create these paintings, textiles, ceramics, sculptures and much more. This term’s show was on March 27th and it exhibited works by Art 8/9, Art 11/12, Textiles 8/9, AP Arts, AP Art Portfolio Club and Painting Club.

Highlights included; lionel cut prints, native-inspired scratch art, Canada 150 textiles, stain glass windows, and surrealist mannequins.

Thank you to all the students and teachers who came and supported the art show and congrats to all the students & art teachers. Well Done!

Experience the Bodwell Art Show like never before with Facebook Live Tour by Andrew featuring helpful guides by Ms. Weiss & Ms. Chen.

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